Snow Pad

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With the Snow Pad product, freestyle scooter enthusiasts will be able to change their wheels for skates and slide with their Snowscoot on the snow. Find out how to best transform your product.

The Snow pad is compatible with all freestyle scooters and children's scooters. Because freestyle scooters are more durable, we recommend this model over others.

Snow Pad

Follow these steps

Step 1

Make sure you have everything you need to turn your freestyle scooter into a snow scooter.

We recommend eye protection and gloves. A no. 5 Allen key will also be useful for tightening the skids.

Snow Pad

Step 2

Zip the grip on the part of the scooter where you put your feet.

With this grip, you will protect your scooter and you will not slip on the footrest.

Snow Pad

Step 3

Loosen and remove the wheels and brake from your scooter using the tool.

Store the wheels and screws so that you can find them when spring arrives.

Snow Pad

Step 4

Put the skates in place of the wheels. As both skates are the same, you can put them either in front or behind.

Insert the washers and screws and tighten until the skate does not move from left to right.

Snow Pad

Now you’re ready for the slopes!

Your freestyle scooter will be there for you in any season!

Snow Pad

Our advice

After assembly:
- Have an adult check that the skids are properly tightened

In practice:
- Position yourself on the back of the scooter for better control
- The use of a helmet is highly recommended
- Waterproof clothing will protect you while riding.