How to repair your Quechua shower

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We firmly believe that the life cycle of a product does not end when it gets damaged. This is why we offer solutions for properly using, maintaining and repairing your product, in order to extend its lifespan.

Quechua solar panels are repairable. This page gives you repair solutions so you can continue to use your solar panel on your camping adventures!

First adventures: our useful information

How do I charge my mobile phone?

To charge your mobile phone using a solar panel, you need a few essentials: a solar panel, a USB cable and sunlight.

First of all, position your solar panel in the best possible way to capture direct sunlight. Solar panels work best on a sunny day, so try to find a spot where the panel can catch as much sunlight as possible.

Next, plug your mobile phone into the junction box and then connect the junction box directly to the solar panel using the cable provided.

It's important to note that charging speed will depend on your phone’s storage space and the power supplied by the solar panel, which can vary depending on the time of day, the gradient, the weather and other factors.

How do I get enough power?

There are several possible reasons why your solar panel is not supplying the power it claims.

If the blue sun on your panel's junction box doesn't light up and the panel isn't supplying enough power, this means that your panel is badly positioned. Try moving your panel so that it can catch more of the sun's rays, and check that the blue sun is illuminated on the junction box. If the blue sun is illuminated on the junction box, but the panel is still not supplying enough power, it's possible that your panel is not big enough for your needs.

It's important to note that the power supplied by a solar panel will depend on a number of factors, such as the weather, the time of day, the solar incidence angle, the battery capacity and the quality of the wiring. So make sure that all of these elements are set up correctly and working properly to get the best out of your Decathlon solar panel.

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First adventures: our useful information
How do I position my solar panel correctly?

To capture as much of the sun's rays as possible, it's important to position your solar panel correctly. If you live in the northern hemisphere, the best orientation for your solar panel is towards the south. To yield as much power as possible, you should tilt your solar panel at an angle that is equal to the latitude of your location, plus 15 degrees.

It's also important to note that the optimum orientation for your solar panel can vary depending on the time of day, the season and your geographical location. In general, panels should be tilted at a lower angle in summer and a higher angle in winter to compensate for the lower position of the sun.
By following this advice, you should be able to get the best out of your solar panel and enjoy maximum energy production.

To maximise the yield from your panel, you can use the accessory below:

Tilt angle
How do I connect my solar panel correctly?

To connect your 50-watt camping solar panel correctly
1. Unfold your panel and use the stand to tilt it to get the best position (refer to the section on positioning your product correctly)
2. Connect the red and black Anderson cable to the output of the panel, and the other end of the cable to the IN part of the junction box
3. You can then recover the energy from the junction box and connect it to an external battery of your choice.

Solar panel and junction box connected to a portable battery.
Why isn’t the LED on my solar panel lighting up?

If the LED on your solar panel isn’t lighting up, this indicates that your panel isn't getting enough sunlight. So it's important to check that your panel is correctly oriented towards the sun. Make sure the panel is exposed to direct sunlight, unobstructed by objects such as trees, buildings or clouds.

If the LED still doesn't light up, even in direct sunlight, there may be a problem with your solar panel. You can check that the solar cells in your panel are not damaged or that your battery is not charging. If these components are working correctly, it's possible that the PCB board in your panel is faulty. If this is the case, you can browse the various spare parts available for your solar panel or contact your nearest Decathlon store and somebody will be able to help you.

How long does it take to fully charge my mobile phone?

The time it takes to fully recharge a mobile phone using a solar panel depends on a number of factors, such as the phone's initial battery level, the outside temperature, the amount of sunlight and the position of the panel. As a general rule, a well-positioned panel with sufficient light will charge as quickly as a conventional charger. However, it is difficult to give an exact charging time, as this can vary considerably depending on the conditions and the panel.

How long does it take to fully charge my mobile phone?

Do you have any more questions?

How do I choose the right solar panel?

To choose the right solar panel, it's important to determine the power you need based on how you want to use it.

If you need a portable solar panel for outdoor activities, the SLR 500 V2 (10W) and SLR 900 V2 (15W) models would be good options for you. They are lightweight and can be attached to a backpack.

On the other hand, if you're looking for a solar panel that you can use in one place, the 50-watt solar panel is an appropriate choice. It should be installed on a stable surface in direct sunlight.

Can I repair my solar panel?

If you have a Decathlon 50-watt solar panel for camping, you can order spare parts, such as the "junction box" and cable, to replace faulty components and repair your solar panel.
You can find the list of available parts below.

Is the panel waterproof?

It is important to avoid getting your solar panel wet because it is not designed to withstand rain. To avoid any damage, we recommend that you keep your panel dry and store it in a sheltered place in the event of bad weather.


Looking after my solar panel

Cleaning my solar panel

To clean your solar panel properly, use a non-abrasive sponge and clean water.
Clean the cells of your solar panel with a sponge and clean water to remove any dust or mud that could prevent the sun from reaching the solar cells.
Finally, dry your panel with a clean, soft, dry cloth.

Storing my solar panel

Store your solar panel in a dry, sheltered place.

Repairing my solar panel myself

You can order spare parts on our website at (subject to availability) by clicking on one of the buttons below, or you can contact the after-sales team at your local Decathlon store.

Giving my solar panel a new lease of life

No longer use your solar panel but don't know what to do with it?
Instead of throwing it away, don't hesitate to resell it second-hand using the Decathlon Second-hand platform! Fill in all the information about your product online. We will therefore offer you the best sales solutions, then you can drop off your product in the store to finalize the procedure.