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Co-designed with keen bow hunters, this compound bow is intended for both beginners and intermediate bow hunters.

Are you looking for a quiet bow that is easy to adjust and shoot? This bow is just what you need for all kinds of hunts, from rodents to deer, for stalking or drive hunting.

First use

Choose your power

Select the power according to your level. If you are a beginner, we recommend that you set the power to the minimum of 45 pounds. This is powerful enough for deer hunting and will allow you to learn the correct technique.Later on, you can choose the power according to your physical strength. The more you practise, the more you can increase the power.

Power adjustment

Your bow comes pre-set to a power of 45 pounds.To reduce the power, loosen the black screw located in the centre of the limb where it meets the grip. You can use the Allen key supplied with the bow.Turn anti-clockwise to decrease the power. 1 turn = 3 pounds.To adjust from 60 pounds to 45 pounds, rotate 5 times. NOTE: THE MAXIMUM POSSIBLE NUMBER OF ROTATIONS IS 5.

Draw length calculation

Adjust your bow and select arrows based on your height: your draw length. Stretch out your arms against a wall to make a cross with your body. Measure the distance from the end of your middle finger on your left hand to the end of your middle finger on your right hand. Take this measurement in cm; divide by 6.35. The resulting number is called your draw length and is measured in inches.Adjust your draw length on the lower pulley of the bow: module AND draw stop. The scale will help you to choose the right position.

draw length
Adjusting the draw length

You must adjust the bow's draw length according to your measured draw length. This is adjusted on the lower pulley using both the orange module and the large stop screw. Both settings must be adjusted. Both parts are marked with a numbered scale, which corresponds to the draw lengths. Position the module and draw stop in front of the number corresponding to your personal draw length. Use the Allen key supplied with the bow.

Peep sight adjustment

At the top of the string is a plastic ring called a “peep sight”. This piece is necessary to use the sight. Once the string is pulled back to your face, you need to look through the peep sight and align it with the front sight. When your eye, peep sight and front sight are aligned, you can release the arrow.Adjust the position of the peep sight on the string so that it naturally lines up with your eye. To do this, draw the bow with your eyes closed. Open your eyes then, without moving, check that the peep sight is in front of your eye. Move it up or down if necessary until you find the right position. Then tie in the peep sight to secure it in place.

peep sight
Sight adjustment

Your compound bow's sight has three fibre optic pins. Generally, a pin is associated with a specific distance. For example, you can adjust the top pin for 20m, the middle pin for 30m and the bottom pin for 40m. Be sure to place the top one approximately in the centre of the sight's ring. You can use the Allen keys supplied with the bow to make adjustments.

To adjust the sight for the first time, stand 10m away and shoot three arrows. Adjust the sight in the direction of the error: if the arrows are too high, move the entire sight block upwards. If you are shooting too low, move it downwards. The same goes for left and right.Next, step back to 20m and adjust again, always moving the entire sight block.To adjust your 2nd and 3rd pin, position yourself as far away as you want and this time move only the pins

Compound archery equipment

To shoot with a Solognac compound bow, you need a release aid. This device is worn on the wrist and hooks the cord onto the string called the "D-loop". Pull the string with this accessory and press the trigger when you want to release the arrow.You can also use an arm guard or cuff to protect yourself from any friction from the string on the extended arm.NEVER release the string without an arrow.


I can't draw my bow

Check the power of your bow. Tighten the two power screws fully, the top one and the bottom one. Then unscrew both of the screws by five turns. The bow is now set to its minimum power of 45 pounds.

My string doesn't reach my face or goes too far behind my head

You should adjust the bow's draw length according to your personal draw length. Measure your draw length with your arms held out in a cross and divide the measurement in cm by 6.6. Transfer this measurement to the orange module at the bottom of the bow AND to the draw stop (large rubber screw). Both settings must be identical, on the same number, and corresponding to the value of your measured draw length.

My bow doesn't shoot straight

Start by checking that the cable guard is not in the way of your arrow. If your arrow brushes against the cable guard, it will be sent off course.

Then check that the arrow rest is adjusted according to the standard settings defined in the user guide. Go to the bottom of the page to download it again.

Then check that your sight is aligned laterally with your arrow and does not lean to the left or right.

Lastly, check that your string on the lower pulley is between the two points engraved on the pulley. If it is not, the string may not be the right length and you will need to return it through our after-sales service.

If this does not fix your issue, please contact your Decathlon store specialising in Bow Hunting.

Technical information

Power: adjustable from 45 to 60 lbs~Draw length: adjustable from 26 to 31 inch~Axle to axle: 32 inch~Brace height: 7.5 inch~Speed: 310 FPS~Empty weight: 1.7 kg~Equipped weight: 2.2 kg~Let off: 75%~Cam type: Single cam~Factory preset (Central arrow rest, string and cables balanced with limbs and pulley: all you need to do is adjust the power, length and sight to suit your build

STRING:~BCY 8125G~Length 92 inch, 16 strand

~CABLES:~BCY 8125G~Length 33 inch, 16 strand