Spearfishing neoprene: User guide, repairs

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Spearfishing neoprene: User guide, repairs


Learn how to maintain and repair your spearfishing neoprene through our video tutorials: Let us be your guide! user guide, care instructions, repair tips and spare parts

First use and assembly

The Glideskin component used in this wetsuit is very supple and stretchy to allow ease of movement, but it is also more fragile. When putting it on, do not use your fingernails and do not pull or stretch too far. Put your arms and legs in little by little.

Spearfishing neoprene maintenance

How to repair a wetsuit


Once your spearfishing session is over, rinse your wetsuit directly with fresh, cold water, inside and out, paying particular attention to the zips. This regular maintenance will allow you to remove any residual salt and sand and extend the life of your product.


To get rid of bacteria and bad smells at the end of the season, soak it in lukewarm water mixed with wetsuit cleaner to disinfect it.


Dry it on a wide-shoulder hanger, away from direct sunlight. Then store it in a cool, dry place without folding it to prevent it from getting damaged. 

Compatible spare parts

Did you get a snag, cut or hole in your neoprene spearfishing wetsuit last time you used it?  We can help you repair it through our tutorials and equipment available in store. Pick up a neoprene repair kit and some glue to carry out the repair with ease.