Starting a training programme

Starting a training programme

Session & coaching

After downloading the DECATHLON COACH app and creating an account, click the menu (vertical bars at the top left of your screen) and select COACHING.

In the COACHING section, select your sport.

You will then find 2 zones:

- The training programmes (PROGRAMMES)

- Advice related to the objective you have chosen (ADVICE).

Choose the category here, according to your objective:

- Starting or getting back into running?running for 30 / 40 / 50 min without stopping

- Staying in shape and/or losing weight

- Preparing for a race: 10 km, half-marathon, marathon, trail run, etc.

- Improving your performance

Here, you will also find unique guided sessions that can be added to your programme when you want to do a "free" session (endurance sessions/interval training sessions).

In the category, define your objective!

When you select a programme, you get a brief description of the different steps to be taken.

Let's get started! you enter a start date and the training days you want (you can always edit your training days at a later date).

When you have programmed your training course, you can start!

Define the session you want to complete. You will get a quick description and some advice that is specifically related to the session. Then START!

Connect your products if you have them and follow the instructions given by the audio coach: your coach will assist you throughout the session.

Your session will be over before you know it! :)

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