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Designed for kite flyers wanting to learn how to steer, who still occasionally crash their kite. For adults and kids from the age of 12.

A product that will undoubtedly give you fabulous thrills in flight, and will let you learn your first complex freestyle kite tricks

Practical information for your feel'r 160 kite

How and where to fly your kite

We recommend that you carry out your sessions in open areas away from houses or trees which could block the wind or cause disturbances. The ideal spot to fly your kite is on the beach or in a meadow with a wind speed between 10 km/h and 40 km/h.

How to maintain your feel’r 160 kite

To maintain your kite and extend its lifespan, it is best to disassemble the kite and store it in its bag after each use. It is also preferable to store it in a dry place, as moisture could damage the fabric of the kite.

What precautions should you take when flying a kite?

When using your kite, check that there is no one below opposite you to ensure that the kite does not fall on anyone around you. Also take care to use it in an open area so that it doesn't fall into a tree, and avoid "gusty" wind which would disturb the flight of your kite.

Need a spare part for your feel’r 160 kite?

If you need spare parts for your FEEL’R 160 kite, head to your nearest DECATHLON store. The workshop technician will be able to order the parts needed to repair your product.

Our advice

For the best use of your FEEL’R 160 kite, we recommend:

- That you fly your kite in open areas with relatively constant wind (Where the wind is not disturbed by trees, buildings, or other structures).
- That you completely unravel the handle lines so that they are the same length, which allows for greater control of the kite.
- That you use the kite in wind speeds between 10 km/h and 40 km/h.

Have fun!