ONmove 50

Réf: 8301689


How do I turn on my GPS ONmove 50 for the first time?

To activate your ONmove 50 for the first time, press the play/pause button, on the top right of your watch, for 2 seconds.

How can a review a session that I've done with my GPS ONmove 50?

To view a summary of your previous activities, you just need to go the "Diary," menu.

How do I start an indoor session?

To start a session without using the GPS, you must:
1. Press on the "Play/Pause" button when searching for the GPS
2 signal. Select "No" when asked "Use GPS?". You can start exercising without speed and distance values.


Can I transfer my sessions to my computer?

The ONmove50 has been designed to be as simple as possible and meet the needs of users who don't want to use a computer with their watch. This means that it's not possible to transfer data to your computer. However, you can view a summary of your sessions in the "Diary" section of your watch.


How can I speed the GPS signal reception up?

Satellite signal reception quality is considerably impacted by the environment and your movement. To facilitate reception, we recommend the following during signal detection: 1. Positioning yourself in a clearing away from buildings and trees. 2. Placing the watch on the ground.


What power supply can I use to charge my GPS ONmove 50?

You can charge your GPS ONmove 50 watch by connecting it to your computer, a nomad charger or 5V 1A mains adapter. VIDEO LINK No. 6


Is my ONmove 50 waterproof?

Your watch has a waterproof rating of IPX7.
This means that it is designed to withstand heavy rain, accidental splashes and immersion, but is not designed for swimming or water sports.

I have lost/broken my charger cable/strap/USB cover. Where can I get another one?

You can get a charger cable, strap or USB cover at the workshop of your nearest Decathlon store.

What should I do if my product does not start?

To reset your ONmove 50, press the button on the top right of your watch for 20 seconds. 1

How many sessions can my GPS ONmove 50 store in its memory?

The ONmove 50 can store 7 sessions in its memory.

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