ONmove 500 HRM

Ref: 8391961

Our running designers developed this watch to measure your speed,running distance and heart rate. Are you looking for a simple and complete watch for measuring your running performance? Measure your heart rate at your wrist and plan your interval training sessions with this GPS watch.

Last firmware version update : 1.15


IMPORTANT: for users who switch from the old app My Geonaute Connect to DECATHLON CONNECT, it is important to RESET the watch.



How should I position the watch on my wrist?

Your OnMove 500 has a heart rate monitor with an optical sensor to improve the efficiency of your training sessions.

In order to accurately measure your heart rate:

- wear the watch with the dial on the top of your wrist

- the watch must be positioned above the wrist bone, in contact with your skin
- Adjust the wrist strap so that it fits tightly without being uncomfortable
. The watch should not rotate or move about on your wrist.

How to change the values shown on the screen during a sports activity?

The screen settings can be opened by going to the Settings menu > Screens. This is used to select the information that is displayed during your activity. Each screen can display one or two elements of information.

To select an element an information:
- Select the row that you want to modify by pressing "Play/Pause"
- Choose the information you want using the buttons at the bottom left and right
- Confirm your choice using the "Play/Pause" button

In order to display a single value on the screen, simply deactivate the second element of information by choosing "OFF".
The size of the information shown adjusts to the number of values selected. Hence, the display is bigger when a single value per screen is selected.

What are the heart rate zones?
How to use my product

We would urge you to view this video in order to learn about getting started with your product

How to adjust a training session with alert zones?

The target zone will help you manage your effort levels more effectively and attain your objectives more easily. The ONMOVE500 HRM heart rate GPS watch allows you to set a target zone for the speed, pace and heart rate. Using this function, the GPS watch can tell you if you are in the exercise zone that you have set. A graphic display and an audible signal tells you when you are outside the zone.

How to configure an interval training session

You can use this feature to configure a comprehensive interval training session: warm-up time, activity time, rest time and relaxation time, number of series of intervals and inter-series rest time.


How to transfer the sessions from my ONmove 500 GPS watch to my computer

You can transfer your sessions from your ONmove 500 sessions to your computer using the ONconnect program

The ONconnect program acts as a gateway between your watch and your DecathlonCoach space on your computer.

1 - Download and install the ONconnect program
2 - Launch the ONconnect program and log in with your myGeonaute username and password. If you do not have a username and password, you can create an account
3 - Connect your ONmove 500 and wait until your product is detected
4 - Once it has been detected, your available sessions will appear in your ONmove 500
5 - Select the sessions that you wish to transfer to your myGeonaute account as well as the sport practised and click Transfer
6 - Once the sessions have been transferred, you can choose to delete the memory of your watch or store the data.

Is the OnMove 500 compatible with Strava?

Yes. You can transfer the ONMOVE 500 data automatically to the Strava application from theDECATHLON CONNECT application.
You must systematically download your data to your DECATHLON CONNECT application by Bluetooth. The data will then automatically be sent to Strava.
The data transfer to Strava cannot be done by USB

If this is the first time, you can start by connecting your DECATHLON account with Strava in DECATHLON CONNECT (settings/Link my accounts).

What do I do if My computer doesn't recognise my product?

thank you for following this procedure:




How do I update my watch and benefit from the latest features?

NB: before updating the program of your watch, above all, don't forget to transfer the sessions of your product because the update will delete all the data stored on the product.   In order to benefit from the latest version of the program of your ONmove 500 HRM, you must have the latest version of the ONconnect software. Once installed, you will be prompted to update the program of your ONmove 500 HRM: Once the update is complete, just connect the watch to the computer and the Onconnect program will scan the product and offer you an update. Click OK.

If automatic firmware update doesn't work ?

If automatic Firmware update doesn't work, you can manually update the program of your ONmove 500 HRM: Download this file by clicking the link below Unzip the file. Connect your ONmove 500 HRM & open the workstation Copy the firm500.frm, BLE500.frm and ppg.frm files onto your ONmove 500 HRM watch Press the "Lighting" button on your product to launch the update. This will finish when the product reappears on your Workstation again.   You can now enjoy the latest features of your ONmove 500 HRM!

How to connect my DECATHLON account to Strava for the first time

In order to connect your DECATHLON account to Strava, follow the procedure below:
Open your DECATHLON CONNECT application
Select "settings/Link my accounts" and select Strava

Connect your Strava account.


How to transfer my sessions from my ONmove 500 to my smartphone

To transfer your sessions to your smartphone:
1. Make sure that your phone is compatible
2. Make sure that you have installed the DECATHLON CONNECT application (available on Apple Store and Google Play)
3. Activate Bluetooth on your phone
4. Launch the DECATHLON CONNECT application
5. Hold down the button at the bottom left of your watch for 2 seconds in order to open the "Connect" mode
6. On DECATHLON CONNECT, "select your product" if you are using the application for the first time.
7. Your phone is connected and your sessions should appear on your phone

I logged in with the wrong Facebook account when making the connection between Strava and myGeonaute connect. What must I do to log in with another Facebook account?

To change the Facebook account you are using to connect Strava and myGeonaute connect, just:
- log out of the myGeonaute connect application
- log out of Facebook in your browser
- empty the cache of your browser
- log in to the correct Facebook account using your browser
You will then be able to log into myGeonaute connect and reopen the connection with Strava using another Facebook account.

What should I do if my product is not recognised by ONConnect?

1. Check the cable connections to your watch and to the computer.
2. Make sure that you are using a micro-USB cable that can transfer data. Indeed, some micro-USB cables can only be used for charging. This is indicated by the "lightning" sign on the cable.
3. Make sure that you have the latest version of the ONconnect program:

If, however, you are still having problems, please contact our Support team by going to the "Contact" page at the bottom of this website.


Why is my heart rate incorrect?

We chose to use the latest generation Philips sensor to give you one of the most reliable sensors on the market.

First and foremost, it is important to correctly position the watch on the wrist:

Your watch must be correctly adjusted without feeling uncomfortable. If the strap is too loose, the watch will be unable to correctly measure the signal.

The measurement of the heart rate using the heart rate monitor sensor at the wrist (optical sensor) works best when the sporting discipline involves repetitive movements such as running or cycling.
It is advisable to use a heart rate monitor belt for fitness sports (weight training, etc.)

In order to measure the pulse signal at the beginning of the activity effectively, start the activity a few minutes before your session so that the watch can find the satellites and obtain the pulse signal. When it is ready, you can start the stopwatch.

However, some factors can affect the measurement of the heart rate:
- The analysis of the blood flow (pulse) using a beam of light will never be as fast as the electromagnetic signal captured by a heart rate monitor belt.
- The watch is located relatively far away from heart, which means that the blood will take some time to flow to your wrist. During interval training, there will be some latency in the time it takes to measure the signal.
- In cold weather, the blood vessels of the circulatory system will decrease in size. This can be interpreted by the watch as a low or high heart rate.
- The blood vessels of your right arm and your left arm may be different. If you are not obtaining the best results with one arm, try the other arm.
- Similarly, if you have tattoos in the area of the watch, the heart rate cannot be measured.

How can I improve the reception speed of the GPS signal?

The quality of reception of the satellite signal can be significantly affected by the environment and your movements.
In order to improve reception, we recommend the following during signal detection:
1. Make sure you are in an open space away from the surrounding buildings and not under a tree.
2. Put the watch on the ground.

What is FastFix & how to update it ?

The FastFix technology uses your watch to capture the signal satellite more quickly.
This way, you can start your activity without waiting.

The fastfix actually captures the satellite's tracking journal. Bear in mind that these tracking journals are valid for 7 days. Consequently, in order to continuously benefit from the FastFix technology, you must update the FastFix of your product every 7 days by synchronising your ONmove 500 with the ONconnect program. Otherwise, it will take longer to capture the satellite signal.
To download the ONconnect program, click the link below for Mac or Windows.
To find out if FastFix is up-to-date on your watch, go to the menu: Settings > About > FastFix. You will be given a notification telling you if FastFix is up-to-date or not.

If you do not want to be constrained by this 7-day period, you can carry out a manual update as follows:
1. Connect your ONmove 500 to your computer
2. Go to the Workstation
3. Delete the ONCONNECT.JSON
4. Start ONconnect to view the update information of FastFix
5. Disconnect your product so that FastFix can be updated

How is the altitude measured?

The OnMove 500 gives you the instantaneous altitude as well as the elevation gains (positive or negative) covered thanks to the GPS technology.

When you download your data to the application, the system recalculates the actual altitude using your route and the map. Consequently, there may be a difference between the watch data and the data of your smartphone or computer.

The measurement using a GPS signal is not as reliable as that obtained with a built-in barometer.

When your elevation gains are low several times running, you may experience a more significant error than if you are climbing mountains with significant elevation gains


My charging cable or my wrist strap is lost or broken. Where can I buy a replacement?

You can purchase a charging cable or wrist strap by going to the Workshop of your local store.

Why does the battery of my ONmove 500 lose charge so quickly?

When the battery of your ONmove 500 is fully charged, you have 7 hours of battery life when using the GPS.
The battery may discharge quickly in the following cases:
- When you use the backlighting function frequently
- When the sound is activated and you are using options that require numerous audible warnings
- When it is used with a heart rate monitor belt.

Can I use my watch when it is charging?

Your ONmove 500 GPS watch can be used during charging when it is connected to a mobile charger or mains adapter. The watch cannot be used when it is connected to your computer.

What power supplies can I use to charge my ONmove 500 GPS?

You can charge your ONmove 500 GPS watch by connecting it to your computer, to a mobile charger or even to a 5V 1A mains adapter.


What should I do if my ONmove 500 GPS watch does not switch on?

If your watch does not switch on, you need to reset it.
There are 2 types of reset process:
1. Full reset of the watch:
Accessible in the menu: Settings > About > Reset
This full reset resets all your personal configurations, settings and deletes all the sessions from the memory

2. Reboot of the watch:
If the screen of your watch has frozen or no longer responds to any commands, you can reboot it by pressing the ON/OFF button (at the top right of the watch) for 20 seconds

How to launch an indoor session

To launch a session without GPS, you must do the following:
1. Press the "Play/Pause" button during the search for the GPS signal
2. Select "No" when asked "Use the GPS?".
You can start your activity without any speed and distance values.

Why can't I detect my heart rate monitor belt?

In order to detect your heart rate monitor belt properly, we recommend that you check the following points:

1. Make sure that you are using a heart rate monitor belt that is compatible with the Bluetooth Smart protocol, given that the belts using the ANT+ protocol are not compatible with this product.
2. Activate the heart rate monitor mode in the menu: Settings > HR Sensor > HR Sensor: ON
3. Pair your heart rate monitor belt with your watch. The pairing process connects your belt with your watch.
You only need to do this when you are using a belt for the first time or after resetting the watch.
4. Moisten the sensors on the elastic strap & properly position the belt underneath the pectoral muscles.

How to activate the hydration/nutrition alert

Eating and drinking properly is an essential part of any sports activity if you want to stay on form at all times.
When you feel thirsty or hungry, your body is often already lacking water or food.
It is advisable to drink every 15 minutes and to eat every hour.
The ONMove 500 has 1 hydration alarm and 1 nutrition alarm (which can be configured and deactivated) that will remind you when is the best time to drink or eat with a beep sound and a screen notification.

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