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Session & coaching

The quality of the satellite signal reception can be slightly affected by the environment and movement.

About the gps: the global positioning system

(GPS) - and soon the Galileo European System - reads a position on the earth, in the sea or air within several metres. To identify a location, a GPS evaluates the duration read by electromagnetic signals from four satellite systems: it then simultaneously deduces three exact coordinates: space, position and time.

To ensure effective reception, we recommend: 

1/ Before starting the session: 

- Go to a clear area, as far as possible from surrounding buildings and not under a tree.
- turn the device on and launch the GPS signal search.
- the watch must be immobile while the signal is being detected (between 5 seconds and 2 minutes). You must wait for the GPS signal to be detected, indicated by the pictogram in the status bar of your phone.
- to optimise the search, place the watch on the ground to avoid interference from your body. 

2/ During the session:

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