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TILT 100 BLACK 2018


Designed for occasionally riding in town, particularly when in combination with various forms of public transport (bus, subway, escalator, etc.) while taking up as little space as possible.

A folding bike that focuses on the essentials: the single-speed drive train requires little maintenance and provides good performance. Lateral folding system reduces storage size by more than 70%.

First use

How to fold/unfold your bike
Is it possible to attach the seat post beyond the insertion limit?

No, it is strongly recommended not to use the bike when the seat post is adjusted beyond the insertion limit indicated on the seat post.

How to increase your visibility and safety while riding

This bike has a hook on the front that is compatible with our Vioo Clip lights, available at all Decathlon stores. 

Check bellow all our offer for HI-VIS CYCLING.

What pressure should my tyres be inflated to?

To minimise the risk of a tyre puncture, as well as to boost your bike's performance, inflate your tyre to between 3.5 and 4.5 bar.  

What do you need to check before using the bike?

Have a problem?

The support rubber for the folded bike does not hold

If your bike does not stay folded, check that the support rubber is in place and functional.

The central hinge squeaks

If you hear a squeak in the hinge, you can grease it as indicated in the video below:

The frame hinge lever is too loose/too tight

Activate the hinge unlocking lever, then screw/unscrew the lever on its axle by a half-turn in order to tighten/loosen the nut to adjust the locking force on the hinge.

TILT 100 BLACK 2018
There is noise when pedalling

The first thing to do is to check the chain tension.

It is perfectly normal for a chain to loosen over as it gets used.

1/ Slightly unscrew the wheel nuts with a 15 mm spanner

2/ Pull backward until the sag in the chain is under 1 cm.

3/ Re-tighten the wheel nuts with the same 15 mm spanner (recommended torque: 35 Nm)

Take care to properly align the wheel and readjust the brake pads during this step!  

TILT 100 BLACK 2018
The brake levers are hard to access

1/ It is possible to adjust the angular position of the lever: the closer to horizontal the lever is, the easier it will be to reach. However, the folded bike will be less compact. To do so, just slightly loosen the screw and gently turn the lever to the desired position. Be sure to fully retighten the lever screw (recommended torque: 5 Nm) so that the lever can't turn easily on the handlebar when you grab it.


2/ It is also possible to reduce the gap on the lever using the adjusting screw. You will need to turn it about a dozen times before you feel the effect. To make tightening easier, turn the screw while activating the brake.

The bike frame will not fold

The frame has a safety that must be deactivated before folding, as indicated in the video below.


If you still cannot fold your frame, this may be due to a stuck hinge axle, sometimes after a long period without folding.


In that case, you can use a lubricant or come to one of our Decathlon stores to solve the problem.

There is too much play in the brake levers after use

There can be additional play in the brake levers after several uses. To solve the problem, use a number 5 Allen wrench and follow the video below:

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