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TILT 120 2018


Designed for occasional rides around town, particularly when in combination with public transport (bus, subway, escalator, etc.), and taking up as little space as possible.

The TILT 120 has a 6-speed drivetrain which allows you to tackle all the ups and downs around town and find the gear that fits your ride best. Its lateral folding mechanism reduces its size by 70% for easy storage.

First use

How to increase your visibility and safety while riding

This bike has a hook on the front that is compatible with our Vioo Clip lights, available at all Decathlon stores. 

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What checks should you make before riding your bike?
Can you raise the seat post above the insertion limit?

No. For your safety, do not ride the bike if the seat post has been raised above the insertion limit mark indicated on the post itself.

What pressure should your tyres be inflated to?

To minimise the risk of a tyre puncture, as well as to boost your bike's performance, inflate your tyre to between 3.5 and 4.5 bar. 

How do you fold / unfold the bike?

Have a problem?

The main hinge squeaks

If the hinge is squeaking, you should grease it as shown in the following video.

You're having a hard time using the brake levers

1/ You can adjust the angle of the lever to fit you better; the more horizontally oriented the lever is, the easier it is to grasp. On the other hand, doing so will make the bike a little less compact when folded. To adjust the brake lever, slightly loosen this screw and gently rotate the lever to the desired position. Make sure you tighten the screw again (recommended torque is 5 Nm) to ensure that the lever does not easily turn on the handlebar when it is squeezed.   2/ You can also reduce the distance between the lever and the handlebar by tweaking the adjustment screw. (You'll need to turn it over a dozen times before the effect becomes noticeable.) To make it easier to tighten the adjustment screw, do so while squeezing the brake.

You can't fold the bike frame

The frame has a safety mechanism that must be disabled before folding the frame, as shown in the following video.   If you still can't fold your frame, it may be that the axle of the folding hinge is stuck, which can sometimes happen if the bike hasn't been folded in a long time.   In that case, apply some lubricant to loosen the hinge, or take your bike to your Decathlon workshop, where a technician can help resolve the issue.

Your gears are not shifting properly

There could be several reasons why your gears are not shifting smoothly or properly.


1- Check that the derailleur hanger is not bent. A bent hanger causes the derailleur to be out of alignment and therefore unable to function correctly. Stand behind your bike and examine the alignment of the derailleur as shown in the picture below. If the hanger is bent, please visit your local Decathlon workshop where they can assist you in straightening it.


2- Check the position of the cable housing end caps (tips). Incorrectly positioned housing end caps can hinder the pulling action on the derailleur cable and consequently cause the shifting of the gears to be off. If either cable end cap is incorrectly positioned, put it back in its place.


3- The cable and/or housing may have seized up. If you have a hard time shifting gears to the smallest cogs (the highest speed, since gears are numbered from largest to smallest), or the derailleur does not move even after pressing the gear shifter, the cable and/or housing have almost certainly seized up. In this case, the cable and housing need to be replaced. You can have this done at your local Decathlon workshop, or you may prefer to replace it yourself using our line of spare parts. If you regularly ride your folding bike in wet or muddy conditions, or if you regularly wash your Hoptown 320 bike with lots of water, then your cables and housing need to be replaced more frequently.


4- The derailleur may need to be serviced. For all of the reasons described above, your drivetrain may need to be adjusted.

 You may want to bring your bike to your local Decathlon workshop, where our technicians can do this for you.

Tilt 120 2018
The lever on the frame folding hinge is too loose / too tight

Press on the hinge lever then rotate it half-way while tightening or loosening the lever along its axis to tighten or loosen the screw and thus adjust the force required to use the lever.

Tilt 120 2018
The bike makes noise when pedalling

The first thing to check is the amount of tension on the chain. It's perfectly normal for the chain to stretch out a bit over time as it is used. 1/ Slightly loosen the rear wheel hub nut using a 15 mm spanner. 2/ Pull the wheel backward until the amount of slack in the chain is less than 1 cm. 3/ Tighten the wheel hub nut using the same 15 mm spanner (recommended torque: 35 Nm) When you're done, make sure you align the wheel properly as well as readjust the brake pads!  

Tilt 120 2018
There is more and more play in the brake levers as you use the bike

Brake levers can sometimes have a bit of play over time. To fix this, follow the instructions in the video below. You'll need a #5 Allen key.

The rubber part that keeps the bike shut isn't holding any more

If your bike doesn't stay folded any more, check that the rubber piece holding it closed is in the right place and working properly.

User guide and software app

Tilt 120 2018

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