tilt 900 folding bike

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TILT 900


If you're looking for efficiency and agility without compromise for your daily travels, the comfortable, portable Tilt 900 is just what you need.

With its 9 speeds and light aluminium structure, the Tilt 900 is the most effective and comfortable in the Tilt range. Ideal for combining cycling and public transport into a single trip.

First use

What pressure should your tyres be inflated to?

To minimise the risk of a tyre puncture, as well as to boost your bike's performance, inflate your tyre to between 3.5 and 4.5 bar. 

How to increase your visibility and safety while riding

This bike has a hook on the front that is compatible with our Vioo Clip lights, available at all Decathlon stores. 

Check bellow all our offer for HI-VIS CYCLING.

Have a problem?

Your gears are not shifting properly

There could be several reasons why your gears are not shifting smoothly or properly.

1- Check that the derailleur hanger is not bent.   A bent hanger causes the derailleur to be out of alignment and therefore unable to function correctly. Stand behind your bike and examine the alignment of the derailleur. If the hanger is bent, please visit your local Decathlon workshop where they can assist you in straightening your derailleur hanger.  


2- Check the position of the cable housing end caps (tips). Incorrectly positioned housing end caps can hinder the pulling action on the derailleur cable and consequently cause the shifting of the gears to be off. At the rear derailleur, there are two places where you should check the position of the cable end caps. - If either cable end cap is incorrectly positioned, put it back in its place.  


3- The cable and/or housing may have seized up. If, in particular, you have a hard time shifting gears to the smallest cogs (the highest speed, since gears are numbered from largest to smallest), or the derailleur does not move even after pressing the gear shifter, then the cable and/or housing have almost certainly seized up. In this case, the cable and housing should be replaced. Your local Decathlon workshop can assist you with this, or you may choose to replace them yourself. If you regularly ride your folding bike in wet or muddy conditions, or if you regularly wash your Hoptown 320 bike with lots of water, then your cables and housing need to be replaced more frequently.  


4- The derailleur may need to be adjusted. For all of the reasons described above, your drivetrain may need to be adjusted.

You may also want to visit your local Decathlon workshop, where our technicians can do this for you.

Tilt 900

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