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The carbon footprint of this chair is approximately 12.437 kg of CO2-eq. while that of its 4 poles represents only 0.4 kg of CO2. The disposal of this chair would be equivalent to driving 112 km or leaving an incandescent bulb on for almost 25 days!

In order to reduce this footprint, Decathlon recommends that you repair the product yourself or take it to the workshop of your local store.

On this page, we will take you through the process of repairing your chair and answer the questions you have about its use.


This chair is guaranteed against possible manufacturing defects. When under warranty, we are liable for the repair work: you can bring your chair directly to the workshop of your Decathlon store. When out of warranty, or if your chair has been damaged by improper handling, you can easily repair it yourself (or get it repaired at the workshop for a charge).

First use

How to properly adjust the chair?

When using it for the first time, tighten the straps as much as possible and sit right at the back of the seat while keeping your legs straight so that you can "balance" yourself as you shift your body weight backwards.

To switch to the "deckchair" position, gradually loosen the straps while trying to keep the strap length the same on each side of the seat. You can also flex your legs and push on your feet to tilt yourself backwards.

How to fold the chair

Fold the chair in half at the fold of the seat, while keeping the dark side on the outside.

Roll the chair up, while making sure that the straps with the brown buckles remain accessible.

Once clipped, these straps are used to keep the wheelchair rolled up.

How to wash the chair

First, remove the four frames using a flat-head screwdriver as a lever as shown in the video below. Then, after opening the hook and loop fasteners, remove the foam from the cover.

You can put the cover of the chair in the machine: wash at 30°C maximum so that it doesn't shrink.

Dry flat, preferably on a drying rack, away from sources of heat (radiator, wood fire, etc.) which could deform the cover.Finally, put the foam back in place, as well as the hook and loop tabs, followed by the four frames using the screwdriver.

Your chair is clean and ready for further adventures!

How to hang the chair on your backpack

Hang the folded chair in the straps located under the main compartment of your backpack.

You can also put it in the main compartment (in the centre, as close to your back as possible) or on the straps of the top lid.

Please note that this chair has been designed to be compatible with the Desert 500 backpack.


Which side should face the ground: the light or dark part?

The dark side of the chair is made of a more durable fabric and can therefore be placed in contact with the ground.The fabric covering the light side has been selected for its softness in contact with the skin. What's more, the light shade has the benefit of absorbing less sunlight and therefore doesn't heat up as much!

Can i sleep all night on the desert 500 chair?

This chair was designed and tested to be used as a "spare mattress" for naps lasting about 2 hours.

It is therefore more suited to protecting you from the ground (thorns, stones, dust, etc.) than providing the optimal level of comfort for sleep.

Is this chair suitable for taking into the cabin on an airplane?

Yes, in most cases, because its dimensions are 12x12x58 cm when folded!

However, check the dimensions authorised by your airline for cabin baggage to avoid any problems when boarding.

Repairing a broken pole, the video tutorial

Find out how to easily change the broken pole of your chair with the help of our tutorial video! To do this, you will need the following:

> Gloves and protective glasses

> A flat-head screwdriver

> Multi-grip pliers

> Masking tape

> Measuring tape and a coloured marker

> A small hacksaw

> A 6mm diameter pole (available as a spare part below)

Trekking Multi-Position Chair Forclaz Desert 500

Repairing a broken pole, instructions for use

1. Put on protective gloves and goggles.

2. Remove the broken pole from its sheath by levering it out with a flat-head screwdriver.

3. Remove the plastic protective caps with pliers and set them aside as they will be reused later.

4. Take the new pole and, using the coloured marker, draw a line:

   - 55 cm from the edge if you are preparing the backrest pole.

   - 38 cm from the edge if you are preparing the seat pole.

5. So that you don't break the pole when cutting it, wrap the pole with adhesive tape at the mark.

6. For greater accuracy, draw another line 55 or 38 cm from the edge using the marker.

7. Saw at the mark with the hacksaw.

8. Remove the adhesive tape and put the caps back on the new pole with the pliers.

9. Put this new pole in the sheath of the chair by levering it again with the screwdriver.

10. Test the strength and the correct placement of your repair work.

replacing a broken pole on my chair
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Workshop services

You can carry out the entire process described above by yourself or you can take your chair to the workshop of your local Decathlon store to have it repaired!