Maintaining and repairing a TROPIC 900 hammock

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Your TROPIC 900 hammock is ideal for all of your outdoor activities and any trips to tropical locations.

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How do you set up a hammock? 

Setting up a hammock is pretty simple. However, it is important to follow these tips to make the set up as successful as possible.

1/ Find a space between two trees that is roughly 3–5 m to hang your hammock. Be careful not to leave branches or stones underneath to avoid any accidents.
2/ Wind the straps around the tree trunk and attach with strap hooks at a height of between 1.5m and 1.8m.
3/ Open the stand poles and slide them into the two sleeves provided.
4/ Do not stretch the hammock too much: the ideal angle between the trunk and the hammock is 30°, well bent.

Note: If your bivouac site is not overrun by mosquitoes, you can open the mosquito net completely and enjoy the starry night without a net over your head.

How to set up a TROPIC 900 hammock

How do you sleep in a hammock?

To sleep like a baby, it is best to lie diagonally.
This position will enable you to lie "flatter" and sleep on your side, or even on your stomach, once you are used to this technique.
Then let yourself be rocked by the pendulum, which will help you to fall asleep more quickly.

Don't forget to secure your belongings, either in your bag or in the hammock, so that they don't get wet from the dew and to avoid small animals from getting in.

How to sleep in a hammock
Using my hammock in bad weather conditions

It is possible to use your hammock in bad weather conditions. However, if you are bivouacking in an uncovered area, we strongly recommend that you also use a tarp.

Also, if the nights are a bit chilly, make sure you keep yourself warm with a mattress and a sleeping bag.

Using my hammock in bad weather conditions
Maintaining and repairing a TROPIC 900 hammock

Maintaining my hammock

Do not tighten the straps too much because too much tension on the canvas could damage it. Finally, do not leave your hammock too exposed to the sun because UV light causes premature wear.

Do not use any cleaning products to wash your hammock, but rather plain or soapy water if necessary. Make sure you rinse it well when you've finished.

It is important to dry your hammock well after cleaning it to avoid traces of mildew. If you have space at home, set up the entire hammock so that it dries more quickly. If, however, you don't have enough space, lay it on the floor and turn it over so that all sides of the hammock dry well.

Store your hammock in a dry place at room temperature and out of the sun.

TROPIC 900 HAMMOCK: instructions, repairs