TS 900

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TS 900


Year of sale: 2018

Designed for weight training: a bodyweight rack designed to work all of your muscles using the weight of your body

A range of bodyweight exercises. Your training: wide or narrow pull-ups, dips, pumps and leg lifts.


- Versatility: Pull-ups (3 different grips), dips, abs, bodyweight rack, core work, etc...

- Durability: Highly durable, supports a weight of up to 150kg, users can wear a weight jacket or similar.

- Ease of use: Easy to use for pull-ups thanks to the two steps

- Adjustable: Height-adjustable backrest for greater comfort when using the bodyweight rack.

- Grip: Grippy handles.

- Stability: Stable, rigid structure

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TS 900

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TS 900

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