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This bike - developed by our all-female design team - was tested and given the thumbs up by Elise Delzenne at the Tour of Flanders, the Ardéchoise and the Etape du Tour.~Its aluminium frame gives you the perfect balance of comfort and light weight that you need to perform. This bike has got your back no matter the gradient or distance.

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Shimano tiagra 4700 rear derailleur
Shimano tiagra 4700 front derailleur

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Ultra rcr cf ultegra blue
Ultra rcr cf ultegra black

       Bike maintenance

Regular maintenance is important if you want to keep your bike working efficiently for as long as possible, so we've put together some maintenance tips to help you.

Practical tips

How to fix a noisy seat post

Seat posts can sometimes creak during rides. This is generally due to the seat post going too long without being greased. Remove the seat post, apply some carbon grease to the post, then return it to your preferred setting.

How to tighten your seat post

To set your saddle correctly, it's important to tighten your seat post properly. If it's not tight enough, your saddle could drop mid-ride. On the other hand, if you tighten it too much, you might crush your seat post and therefore damage your bike. 

 The best way of tightening your seat post is to use a torque wrench. The recommended torque is between 4 and 6 newton-metres.

What pressure should your tyres be inflated to?

The tyre pressure is something to check regularly on your road bike. Tyre traction is particularly important when turning.

To minimise the risk of a tyre puncture, and therefore of a crash, inflate your tyres to between 6 and 8 bar. A general rule of thumb is to take your weight and divide it by 10. So if you weigh 70 kg, inflate your tyres to 7 bar.


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