REF: 8289194



Year of commercialization: 2013


I have a problem

There's a clicking noise with each turn of the pedals

Loosen by one turn and then really tighten the pedals



The right pedal (R) and the left pedal (L) do not have the same screwing direction

My console remains on zero

  1- At the rear of the console, make sure the connection has been properly made. 2-The junction of the frame and the structure has been properly made.  



My bike makes a noise

  1-Tighten all visible screws

2-Check the stabiliser runners  



My console doesn't come on


Your bike works with batteries

Check that the batteries are properly positioned with the correct +/- polarity. If the problem persists, start again with new batteries  


My console displays 'err'


My console does not indicate the right units of measurement for the distance

  Console configuration problem  =>Make sure the switch on the rear of the console is on \"Km\" for a display in kilometres and \"Mi\" for a display in miles  =>Press the \"RESET\" button to make the change  



Broken or missing part


Look for the part number and click on 'NO’



I have a problem with the resistance

  Unscrew the handlebar bracket tube and check that the cable connection has been made correctly 

Make sure the black shim on the lower part of the cable has been removed



I can't fit the pedals


The right pedal (R) and the left pedal (L) do not have the same screwing direction: 


                R= clockwise                                                                                                  L= anti-clockwise


Manual and software


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