VS 730

REF: 8293537

VS 730


Year of commercialization: 2013

I have a problem

My console doesn't come on

1. Make sure the back of the console is properly connected.

2. Your bike works with batteries Check that the batteries are properly positioned with the correct +/- polarity. If the problem persists, start again with new batteries.


VS 730
Faulty display of distance or speed

Check the position of the sensor. 
The distance between the sensor and the magnet on the bike’s front wheel should be 1 or 2 mm.


VS 730
There's a clicking noise with each turn of the pedals

Unscrew the pedals by one turn, then screw them back on very tightly

VS 730
My bike makes noise

The screws are loose
           => Tighten all visible screws

Missing or broken part

Look for the part number and click on 'NO’

VS 730

Manual and software

VS 730

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