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In stores: January 2019

Designed for treadmill walking at home.

Looking for a motorised walking treadmill that's easy to use? 

This model can go up to 8 kph so you can choose the pace that will help you reach your goals and work your cardio.



VERSATILITY: Walk at your own pace without an incline with a maximum speed of 8 kph.

USER COMFORT: Walking surface is 40 cm wide by 1 m long for comfort.

COACHING: Track your time, distance, calories, speed and step count.

Assembling and setting up

Thank you for purchasing a Domyos product. To help you get your equipment up and running, click on the video to see the different set-up steps.


Is your equipment properly set up but you're still having an issue when using it? See all our FAQs here.

Your treadmill doesn't switch on

1. Check that the power cord is plugged into a wall socket in working condition (to check if the wall socket is working, plug in a lamp or another electrical device).

2. Make sure the other end of the power cord is plugged into your treadmill.

3. Check that the main switch near the power cord is in position I.

4. Make sure the I/O switch is working correctly. If it doesn't switch on, you will need to change the fuse: https://youtu.be/Yhw70ctYuq0

5. Check that the safety key is pushed fully into the console.

The treadmill slows down when you step onto it

The treadmill belt is slack:

=> Select the "Running belt tension" tab from the MAINTENANCE section.



Your treadmill is making a noise

1. Shoes:

=> The noise you can hear could be the sound of your shoes on the running belt. To check that the noise isn't coming from your shoes, please see the video below


2. The screws are loose:

 => Tighten all of the screws.


3. The running belt is wonky:

=> Select the "CENTRING THE RUNNING BELT" tab in the MAINTENANCE section.


4. The running belt is not lubricated:

=> Click on the "RUNNING BELT LUBRICATION" tab in the MAINTENANCE section.


The motor of the treadmill slows down or stops irregularly while the console stays switched on

Running belt tension is too high:

 => Check the running belt tension so that the movement of the belt between the deck and belt is about 3 centimetres at the middle of the deck.

 => If this is not the case, turn the two hex screws at the rear of the treadmill on each side of the roller and then loosen the running belt.

How to remove the maintenance key on the console

To remove the maintenance warning key, press the - and + buttons down for 3 seconds.

FAQ WALK500 3-second maintenance
Your console isn't showing the right speed

To access your treadmill’s configuration menus, remove the safety key and hold down the STOP and + buttons for 3 seconds. Press MODE to navigate between screens.

FAQ MI-KM settings
How can you see the total distance and time run on the treadmill?

- Screen 1 = total use duration

- Screen 2 = total distance

- Screen 3 = select the unit of distance (KM or MI): press + or - to change it, then press MODE

FAQ Walk500 console settings
How do you activate/deactivate the console's beep?


FAQ Turn beep on/off
Parts diagram






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Servicing your product

It takes care of you, so you should do the same for it. Regular maintenance is necessary to preserve the performance of your equipment and extend its service life.

Centring the running belt

You will need the Allen key (BTR) that came with your treadmill:  1. Start your treadmill at a low speed (4 km/h).        2. Insert the key into the screw on the side where the running belt is off-centre.        3. Turn it a quarter turn clockwise (wait 30 seconds between each quarter turn) until the belt is back in the correct position.


How to check if your running belt has the proper tension

The tension on the WALK500's running belt should be set to 1.09 (+/- 0.03). This is the motor belt tension.


After checking the tension on the console:

If the figure is too low, you need to tighten the running belt. (Tightening is done by turning the roller's two rear wheels clockwise).

If the figure is too high, you need to loosen the running belt. (Loosening is done by turning the roller's two rear wheels anti-clockwise).

A half key turn = 0.03

For the setting: Select the "Running belt tension" tab in the MAINTENANCE section.


How to check the tension on the console:

1. Stand on the footrests.

2. With the safety key removed, press and hold the "START" and "STOP" buttons for three seconds.

3. "Start" will appear on the console. Press the "START" button and insert the safety key.

4. The treadmill will start at 5 km/h and display the running belt tension. (Make any adjustments if necessary).

5. Press the "STOP" button.

How to adjust the running belt tension on the WALK500

Running belt tension

The running belt is a wearing part that becomes loose over time. Re-tighten it as soon it begins to go slack (sliding sensation, jerky motion).


1&2. Turn the two adjustment screws a half turn clockwise (repeat if necessary, but make sure you don't over-tighten the belt).


3. The belt is properly tightened if you can lift the edges 2 to 3 cm on each side.

Running deck lubrication

It's important to do this regularly (every 200 hours of use) to keep your treadmill working as long as possible.  1 & 2. Simply spray twice underneath the running belt on the right and on the left.  3. Then set your treadmill off at 5 km/h for 5 minutes, without standing on it.

Running deck lubrication

Preventative maintenance

1. Check the motor and the drive belt every 600 hours of use or every 3600 km*2. Replace the running belt every 500 hours of use or every 3000 km*3. Replace the running deck every 700 hours of use or every 4200 km*4. Replace the rollers every 600 hours of use or after 3600 km*


*To know the accumulated hours or kilometres, refer to the FAQ "HOW TO SEE THE TOTAL DISTANCE AND TIME RUN ON YOUR TREADMILL" in the SETTING UP AND USING YOUR PRODUCT section


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Composition / advice


Frame // Chassis (for rollers):

100% steel


75% polystyrene (PS),

25% polyvinyl chloride (phthalate free)


85% cellulose

10% expanded polystyrene

5% polyethylene terephthalate (PET)


40% copper // 35% steel // 10.0% brass // 10% epoxy // 5% aluminium



Max user weight: 130 kg


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DOMYOS guarantees this product under normal use conditions, 5 years for the structure, 2 for other parts and labour as from date of purchase, as shown on receipt.