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Year of commercialization: 2012


I have a problem

The console won't switch on

The treadmill is not connected correctly
           => Check the connection of the mains socket, then make sure that the treadmill's main switch is set to \"1\"
           => Then check that the safety key is in position
           => Check and press the circuit-breaker if it has tripped

Lubricating the running belt

The belt is dry:
           =>Lubricating the running belt
           =>If the belt is dry, spray silicone as shown on the pictures
           2 pulverizations on each side is enough
           =>Let the treadmill run for 5 minutes to allow the silicone to spread on the whole belt
           => It is important to perform this operation regularly (every 10 hours of use) in order to get the maximum lifespan from your treadmill

Centering the running belt

The treadmill belt is off-centre
First step :
Use the Allen key provided with your product
Second step :
1 - Run your treadmill at 4 km/h
2a - If the belt if off-centre to the left, turn the left-hand adjusting bolt a quarter of a turn clockwise.

2b - If the belt is off-centre to the right, turn the right-hand adjusting bolt a quarter of a turn clockwise.
3 - Let the treadmill run a few seconds for the belt to reposition itself
4 - Repeat the procedure if necessary

My treadmill is noisy

The screws are loose
           => Tighten all the screws in the uprights
The running belt is not centred
           => Refer to chapter \"Centering the running belt\"

The running belt is not properly lubricated
           => Refer to chapter \"Lubricating the running belt\"


The treadmill speed is not constant

Check that the running belt is correctly tightened
           => Refer to chapter \"Adjusting the tension of the running belt\"

Running belt tension

Stage 1:
Use the Allen (hex) key provided with your treadmill
Stage 2:
1) Press the \"GO\" button
2) Increase the speed up to 5 km/h
3) Turn the two adjustment screws one quarter turn clockwise
4) If needed, repeat stage 3

Your treadmill displays an error code e...

Click \"NO\"

The motor of my treadmill slows down or stops irregularly while the console stays switched on

Running belt tension is too high
           => Check the running belt tension so that the movement of the belt between the board and belt is about 3 centimetres at the middle of the board
           => If this is not the case, turn the two hex screws at the rear of the treadmill on each side of the roller and then loosen the running belt 

The incline is not working

The treadmill is calibrating
           => Switch the treadmill on and insert the safety key onto the console
           => The running platform gradually rises to its maximum level and then comes back down into its horizontal position
Wait for the whole operation to complete (the operation may take several minutes)

My treadmill makes noise et my screen is not showing any values, only two bars are blinking ( - - )

The treadmill is in calibration mode
           = > You have to wait 2-3min untill the end of the calibration. You will see that the running tread is going up and down the search it's highest and lowest point. To avoid the mode being activated, let your treadmill desccend to O after using the incline mode.

Manual and software


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