Weather Station 100

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First use

Where should i fit the external temperature sensor?

Please locate the external temperature sensor in a place that is sheltered from the external conditions and 2.5 m from any source of interference such as a television, lift, computer or any other source of electromagnetic waves.

How to update the min/max values?

These values are automatically updated and reset to zero from midnight.

How far away can the transmitter be from the base?

In open spaces, the transmitter can be at a maximum distance of 60 m from the base.

Another question?

Is there a problem with the sensor's capacity to transmit through certain materials?

All materials can affect the transmission and reduce the communication distance between the transmitter and receiver.

What should i do if the time does not update automatically with the wave function?

The signal is highly sensitive to interference. It is advisable to keep the product outdoors in order to optimise the reception of the signal. In any case, an automatic synchronisation is scheduled to occur every hour.

Why does the information provided not reflect the outdoor weather conditions?

The product provides a weather forecast for the next 6 hours.
Please note: when using for the first time, the data main be unreliable during the first 48 hours.

Weather Station 100

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