What should I do if I can't find my session?


Session & coaching

This is usually due to two main reasons.~ 

1. The date set in your device is incorrect: 

The date set in your device may have been reset to factory settings. If so, your product might be set at a date in 2011 or 2012 for example.

If not, check the date saved in the "Settings" menu of your device. Go to the "Activities" page on decathloncoach.com. Click on "Filter my sessions" above the frieze.


Select the period that corresponds with the date set in your device and click on "Confirm".

Your session should appear in the frieze. Change the date with the "Edit" button shaped like a pen next to the session title (confirm the sport, then change the date).


Then return to the settings menu and enter the day's date. 


If you are not the only person to use decathloncoach.com on your computer, it's possible that the ONconnect software or your web browser is automatically connected to another user's account. Check the name on the profile page in ONconnect.If it's not yours, click on disconnect and login with your email and password.

In your browser, go to decathloncoach.com. Make sure your name appears in the top right-hand corner of the page. Otherwise, click on the first name, then on disconnect, and connect with your login and password again.


3. The session date is more than 6 months ago

The frieze only downloads 6 months of activity so the page loads quickly. To see sessions from before then, click on the "Filter my sessions" button above the frieze. A banner unfolds. You can now select the period you want to display to see your sessions in the frieze.

If you still can't see your sessions, contact our support team.


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