BC 900 GPS

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The BC 900 GPS METER can be connected to your phone using the DECATHLON CONNECT application.

To discover and download DECATHLON CONNECT, click here.

Getting started 

1.1 How to install the cyclometer on your bike ?

Choose the ring holder that matches the diameter of your handlebar and attach it. 

- Use size "S" for a handlebar with a 25.4 mm diameter.

- Use size "L" for a handlebar with a 31.8 mm diameter.

- For handlebars larger than 35 mm, no ring is needed.

Place the cyclometer on the holder, as indicated. To remove the cyclometer, press on the holder lever, as indicated, and then slide the device upward and off the holder. 


BC 900 GPS
1.2 "Dashboard system" compatibility.

How would you like your BC 900 cyclometer to be fully integrated with your bike? This cyclometer has been designed to be compatible with stems equipped with our "Dashboard System", such as certain Triban and Van Rysel road bikes. 

If your bike has such a stem, simply install the holder on the stem and then slide the cyclometer onto the holder as shown. 

BC 900 GPS
1.3 How to use the cyclometer buttons?

1. Back / Lap

2. Backlight

3. Navigate left (menus) / Decrease (values)

4. Short press: confirm, start/pause/stop a ride / Long press: turn on/off

5. Navigate right (menus) / Increase (values)

BC 900 GPS
1.4 Getting started with the bc900 cyclometer.

There are two ways you can do the initial setup of your BC900 cyclometer: 

- Using the "Decathlon Connect" mobile app (recommended).

- Manually.

The BC900 is a "smart" cyclometer. So to take full advantage of all of its functions, we highly recommend that you sync it with your Decathlon Connect app. This will also allow you to automatically receive the latest updates to the cyclometer (new features and bug fixes). 

1. Configuration with the Decathlon Connect app.

- Download the Decathlon Connect app from Google Play (Android) or the App Store (Apple).

Fig. I.

If you already have the Decathlon Connect app installed on your smartphone, go to "settings" and tap the "+" button to add a product.

- Open the app and create an account, or log in if you already have a Decathlon Connect or Decathlon Coach account. 

- Select the BC900 cyclometer and follow the instructions.

Fig. II. 

- Press and hold the Start button for 2 seconds to turn on the cyclometer.

Fig. III. 

- Press the button once more to turn on pairing mode. (Don't forget to turn on Bluetooth on your phone if not already on.).

Fig. IV. 

- When prompted by the app, enter the 6-digit code displayed on the cyclometer. 

- Wait for the confirmation on the app that the cyclometer is paired and connected. 

2. Manual configuration.

- Turn the cyclometer on by pressing and holding the Start button down for two seconds. 

- Press the right arrow button to switch to the "manual" screen.

Fig. IV.

- Use the left/right/confirm buttons to adjust and confirm the settings as desired. 

- Your cyclometer is now ready for use. 

- However, we recommend that you still connect and sync your cyclometer with the Decathlon Connect in order to automatically receive the latest updates and to be able to use all of the cyclometer's features such as seeing your route on a map and analysis of your ride data. 

To connect your cyclometer, see: 2.1 How to connect the BC900 to your phone?


BC 900 GPS
1.5 The cyclometer: main menus.

There are four main menus: 

- Start: to start a new ride

- Sessions: a log of your previous sessions

- Records: a log of all of your records

- Settings: configure all the settings

BC 900 GPS
1.6 How to set the language on your cyclometer?

The language in which the cyclometer menus are displayed can be changed in the menu:

Settings > General > Language. 

1.7 How to change the functions displayed on the screen while riding?

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to what functions (speed, distance, etc.) they want to see when cycling.

This is why the BC900 display is fully customizable. Each screen can display 1 to 5 different functions.

You can configure the screens using the Decathlon Connect app (recommended, as it's the easiest method) or directly on the cyclometer using the Settings > Screens menu.

To configure screens using the Decathlon Connect app: 

- Turn on your cyclometer

- Go to the Settings menu in the Decathlon Connect app, select the BC900, then Screen. 

- Wait for the verification of the current screen configuration to appear. 

- You can now add or remove screens, choose the number of functions to be displayed on each screen, and choose the information to be displayed in each field. 

- Press Save to send the new configuration to the cyclometer (the cyclometer must be on).

- Wait for the configuration to take effect. 

BC 900 GPS
1.8 How to start a new ride session?

In the Start menu, press the Start button to launch a search for a GPS signal. 

Once the GPS is found, the ride session screen will appear. Several values will be blinking. To begin the session, press the Start button once more. 

If you're having difficulty finding a GPS signal, move to a spot free of obstructions (buildings, trees, etc.) and stop the bike if you are riding. 

BC 900 GPS
1.9 How to start an indoor session (exercise bike)?

If you want to use your cyclometer inside your home on your stationary exercise bike, press the button to start the GPS signal discovery, and then press Start.

1.10 How to pause the cyclometer during your session?

By default, the cyclometer will automatically pause when you come to a stop. As soon as you start cycling again, the cyclometer will automatically resume. 

You can deactivate the "auto-pause" function in the menu Settings > General > Pause > Off. 

This change allows you to manually pause the cyclometer even while you are riding, by pressing the Pause button. Press the Pause button again for the cyclometer to resume. 

1.10 How to stop and save your session? 

To stop your session, press the Start/Stop button, then select Stop. Press OK to confirm. You now have the option to save or discard your session. 

If you save the session, you will be able to retrieve it from the Sessions menu. 

To see your route on a map as well as a more in-depth analysis of your ride, sync your cyclometer with the Decathlon Connect app. 

Syncing can take a few seconds to a few minutes; please keep your phone close to your BC900 until syncing is complete.

BC 900 GPS
1.12 How to set intermediate times (laps)?

By default, the cyclometer records an intermediate time every 5 km. This intermediate time will be displayed every 5 km during your session. 

You can deactivate this feature in the Settings > General > Laps menu, by selecting the Manual option. 

In the same menu, you can also set whether you want to automatically record intermediate times based on distance or based on time, as well as set the desired intervals.

Even if the cyclometer is configured to automatically record intermediate times, you can always manually add intermediate times by pressing the Lap button at any time. This feature can be useful if you want to record the time it takes for you to complete a certain climb, for example.

Sync your cyclometer with the Decathlon Connect app to analyse your intermediate times. To see your lap times, go to the Training menu, select your session, then press Laps. 

1.13 Using the display backlight.

Press the Backlight button to turn on the backlight on the cyclometer display. The backlight will stay on for 5 seconds. To ensure your battery lasts longer, the backlight cannot be set to always on.

Software apps

Your BC900 cyclometer is a "smart" bike computer that can be synced with your phone over Bluetooth Smart. This allows you to see your routes on a map, analyse your ride data, and save all of your ride history and stats. 

To shorten the time needed to transfer data from the cyclometer to the app, we recommend running the sync after each session.

2.1 How to connect the bc900 to your phone?

In most cases, you would have already linked your cyclometer to your smartphone when first setting it up. If this is not the case, follow this procedure: 

Download the Decathlon Connect app to your phone. 

Go to the Settings menu and tap the "+" button. 

Select the BC900 from the list of devices. 

On your BC900, go to the menu Settings > Connect. 

Follow the instructions on your phone to pair it with your BC900, and enter the pairing code once displayed (don't forget to turn on Bluetooth on your phone!). 

2.2 How to transfer your ride data from your bc900 to your phone?

Once you have initially paired/connected your BC900 with your phone, simply open the Decathlon Connect app and tap the Sync Device button on the app dashboard. 

Make sure that the cyclometer is physically close to your phone, that Bluetooth is turned on on your phone, and that your phone is connected to the Internet. 

The syncing of your session data will launch automatically. Keep your phone close to your cyclometer until the sync transfer is complete. 

2.3 Why does it sometimes take a long time to sync your session data?

Synchronization time is dependent on several factors: 

- the number of sessions and their duration

- the presence (or not) of sensor data

- your phone model and OS (iOS/Android)

To ensure accuracy, the BC900 records GPS coordinates every second. So it goes without saying that on a long ride, this adds up to a lot of data to transfer. 

We recommend that you get in the habit of syncing your BC900 with your phone after every ride so that you don't have to transfer too many sessions at once later. 

2.4 How to sync with strava, apple health, and other third-party applications?

You can automatically transfer the data from your BC900 to third-party applications such as Strava and Apple Health from the Decathlon Connect app. 

You must first download the data from the BC900 to your Decathlon Connect app, over the bluetooth connection. The data will then be automatically sent to the third-party applications. 

The first time that you do this, you will need to first connect your Decathlon account to the third-party apps (Settings, Link My Accounts). 

2.5 What to do in case of a transfer error?

Sometimes, under certain conditions, the transfer may end with an error.In this case, the BC900 must first be restarted by a long press on the power button to turn it off and then another to turn it on again. Then restart the transfer as indicated previously.If you encounter an error again, you can contact support with the form at the bottom of the page.

Updating the cyclometer firmware

3.1 How to update the cyclometer software (firmware)?

We regularly release updates to our products in order to improve your experience, add new features, or fix bugs. 

When an update is released, you will receive a notification on the app. To install the update: 

1. Make sure that the cyclometer is close to your phone and that Bluetooth is turned on. 

2. Launch the Decathlon Connect app and select Settings. 

3. Select the BC900. 

4. Select "Update available". The app will automatically begin transferring the update file to the BC900. You can safely close the app while the update file is being transferred. Please note that installing the update can take up to an hour. 

5. Once the update has been transferred to the BC900, the cyclometer will display a message that the update is ready to install. Press Start to install the update. 

The cyclometer will restart. Your sessions, settings, and personal info, are preserved. 

Note that depending on the OS and your phone, the firmware update can take a while to complete (up to 1 hour). Keep your phone close to the BC900 while the update is being transferred. 

3.2 Can the firmware update also be done over usb?

Coming soon...

Use with sensors

4.1 Which sensors are compatible with the bc900 cyclometer?

The BC900 cyclometer is equipped with ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart technologies. All sensors from any brand that track speed, cadence, heart rate and pedalling power, which use either of these technologies, are compatible with the BC900 cyclometer.If the sensor uses both technologies, the BC900 will automatically connect using ANT+.

4.2 How to connect a heart rate, cadence, speed or power sensor to your cyclometer?

The BC900 cyclometer is compatible with all heart rate, cadence, speed and power sensors that use ANT+ and/or Bluetooth Smart technologies. 

To begin using a sensor, you must first pair it with the cyclometer. 

To pair a sensor, go to Settings > Sensors, then select the sensor type, and press OK to begin searching. Note that the sensor must be active in order to be discovered by the cyclometer. This means wetting and wearing the heart rate sensor, or moving the cadence, speed, or power sensors. 

Once the sensor is found, confirm by pressing the OK button. If the cyclometer detects more than one sensor, select the desired sensor and press OK. 

If the cyclometer cannot find any sensors, check that the sensor battery is not flat and that the sensor is active, and then run the search again. 

Once the sensor is connected, you can configure target ranges. 

In the case of a speed sensor, you must also configure the wheel size by first selecting your wheel diameter and tyre thickness. You will find these dimensions indicated on the sidewall of your tyre. If your wheel size does not appear in the list, select OTHER and enter the wheel circumference in mm. 

BC 900 GPS
4.3 How to define a target range for heart rate, cadence, or power?

You can define target ranges or zones for heart rate, cadence, speed, or power, which are then displayed on the screen as you ride. 

To do this, go to Settings > Targets, and choose the type of target you want to configure. 

For heart rate, you can choose to configure the target in BPM (beats per minute), %HR (% of max heart rate), or %HRR (heart rate reserve, the difference between your max heart rate and your heart rate at rest). The latter is used by the Karvonen formula to calculate your training heart rate based on the target intensity. 

For cadence, the target is configured in RPM (rotations per minute), and for speed it is in km/h. 

For power, you can choose between a target in Watt, or in %FTP. FTP (Functional Threshold Power) is the max power that you can sustain for 60 minutes. 

To determine your FTP, after a warm-up lasting at least 20 minutes, ride as fast as you can for 20 minutes. To calculate your FTP, multiply the average power for those 20 minutes by 0.95. You can use the "lap" feature to easily measure this test. 

You can choose whether you want an audible alert when you go outside the target range when cycling, by setting alerts to On or Off. 

To see your target ranges while cycling, configure your screens to include the desired "zone" fields.

See : 1.7 How to change the functions displayed on the screen while riding ?


5.1 How to speed up gps signal reception ?

The quality of the satellite signal reception is impacted by surrounding obstacles as well as movement.To improve reception when detecting the GPS signal, we recommend:1. Moving to a cleared space away from buildings, and not under the trees.2. Remaining stationary (don't yet begin to ride).

BC 900 GPS
5.2 How is altitude measured?

The BC900 cyclometer can tell you your altitude at any moment, as well as vertical gain orloss during your ride, using GPS.When you download your data from the cyclometer to the app, the system recalculates thetrue altitude based on your route and the map. This means that in some cases, you maynotice a difference between the information on the cyclometer and that on your phone app.The altitude measured using a GPS signal is not as reliable as using a built-in barometer.This margin of error is greater when doing small ups and downs consecutively than whenriding in the mountains with large ascents and descents.

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Usb charging cable replacement.
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Spare parts

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- USB cable :
Reference: 8322620
Commercially available standard micro USB cable (choose a charge + data model)

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BC 900 GPS

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