Decathlon Connect allows you to connect and synchronize your product :
- Trackers : ONcoach 100,  ONcoach 900 or ONcoach 900 HR.
- GPS watches : Kiprun GPS 550, Kiprun GPS 500, ONmove 200, ONmove 200 or ONmove 500 HRM.

- Connected Scale : Scale 700.
- Bike computer : BC 900 GPS.
If you use other Decathlon sports applications, you will be able to find all your activities in Decathlon Connect.
Important: The app is not compatible with the Samsung Galaxy A5 2015.

to download the app to your phone, click on one of the buttons below:
The app is not available on the AppGallery (Huawei/Honor).


What is DECATHLON CONNECT used for?
Which are the compatible products?
Why do I have to authorise the application to use my position?
Why do I have to authorise the application to use the storage on my device?


I have forgotten my password.
How can I change my password?
How can I delete my DECATHLON account and sports data?
How does the DECATHLON account work?


Which smartphones can the application be used with?
Can I connect different Bluetooth devices via my telephone at the same time?
In which languages is DECATHLON CONNECT available?
Do I have to connect my device from the application or from my telephone's settings?
My telephone uses the correct Android version and Bluetooth Low Energy, but my application isn't working.