BONISM B1 smart watch

REF: 8731203, 8731204



This smartwatch is designed to practice sport and measure daily activity. It is not a medical device. All information provided by the device and the APP are just an indication and should not be used for health care.
Physical activity may be risky and you should get confirmation for your doctor prior to exercising. Not respecting those warnings could put your life in danger.

The KALENJI CW700 HR connects to your phone using the DECATHLON CONNECT application.
To discover and download DECATHLON CONNECT, click here.

Difficulties of use

factors may affect the proper functioning of your product. Here is the list of the main causes which cause difficulties of use:

1.1 The watch is incorrectly placed on the wrist.

To ensure accuracy of measurement, make sure you put the as shown ok the picture below.

1. DIFFICULTies of use
1.2 The sensor is dirty

If the back of your watch is dirty (soil, sun cream etc.), this may affect the sensor. Your HR500 watch is waterproof. You can clean it by rinsing it in clean water.

1.3 You practice a non-repetitive sport

Measuring your heart rate with a monitor on the wrist (optical reader) is optimal for sports with repetitive movements such as running, or using a cross trainer or exercise bike. It is not recommended to use a heart-rate belt for fitness class, body-building, etc.

1.4 The weather is very cold

Blood vessels reduce in size when the weather is cold, making reading the heart rate more difficult.Blood circulation improves as you work out, improving your heart-rate measure.

1.5 Interval training

The watch is not very close to the heart so the blood will take some time to flow to your wrist. For interval training, there will be a delay in the time it takes to measure the signal. For very short minute-long intervals, it will be difficult for the watch to measure the maximum heart-rate.

1.6 Tattoos

If you have tattoos on the area where the watch is located, you may notice errors in your heart rate measurement.

1.7 Using in water

The heart-rate monitor does not function correctly in water.
As a reminder, the watch has an IPX6 waterproof level (shower).

1.8 Other reasons

The blood vessels in your right and left arm may be different. If the results on one arm are not optimal, try the other arm.

First use

2.1 How to start product?

To switch on the product, please make sure you plug the charger and press the button.

Kalenji CW700 HR

2.2 How to wear the product?

To ensure accuracy of measurement, make sure you put the as shown ok the picture below.

2.2 Comment positionner son produit sur le poignet ?
2.3 How to navigate in the product?

Use the button and touch screen to move in the menu.
To switch on the screen, press the button or activate the wrist rotation detection

Access the menu:
To access the menu, swipe from right to left from the home screen
To access the daily metrics, swipe from bottom to top
To access the notifications, swipe from top to bottom
To access to settings shortcut, swipe from left to right

2.3 Comment naviguer dans le produit ? 
2.4  How to pair the smartwatch?

- Download Decathlon Connect APP
- Create an account
- Add product
- Select CW700HR

⚠ To ensure all global experience (notifications, …) please make sure you accept all request of access from the APP

Kalenji CW700 HR

2.5 How to change unit format?

You can select the metric format in the APP.

2.6 How to change language?

There are 7 languages available: English, French, Spanish, Italien, German, Polish. The language is set based on the language that you choose for your phone.
It's done automatically according to your phone's configuration during the first pairing.

2.7 How to charge the product?

The product is delivered with a charging cable that can be plug to any USB port.
Put the properly the charger on the device (as there is a magnet, you will find out which way it should be placed as shown in the picture below).
Once the product is plugged, full charge will take around 2.5 hours. 

2.7 Comment charger mon produit ? 
2.8 How to update product (firmware)?

If a firmware is available, you will be informed in the APP. A red dot on settings icon in the APP will indicate to you that a new firmware is ready to install. You can click on:
- Settings
- Icon of the product
- Header of firmware update
Then the upload will last for a couple of minutes.

Advanced use

3.1 How to change watch face?

You can hold your finger on the screen from time view. After few seconds, you will enter in watch face selection mode. You can swipe to choose the one you like and then press the button.

3.2 Daily activity ?

The product record automatically your activity (step, distance and calories).

3.3 How to start an sport session?

- Press the button
- Swipe from right to left
- Click on the icon activity
- Swipe to select the sport you like and click on it
- Once you have start the activity, short press will pause and long press will stop the activity.

Kalenji CW700 HR

3.4 How to review your activity?

You can review your activity from the history mode that is accessible in the menu.
Once you find the activity to review, just press on the value to see the next data.
For more details on your activity, you should synchronize your device and check on the APP.

3.5 Which sports are available?

You can choose in the list of sport as follow:
- Running
- Walking
- Cycling
- Hiking
- Treadmill
- Spinning
- Yoga
- Fitness

3.6 Where can i review my sleeping data?

You can have a look at your sleeping data on the APP after synchronization.

3.7 How to check the heart rate?

You can review your heart rate at any time from the menu heart rate. Once you go to the menu, you should wait a few seconds to get your heart rate value.
Below you will be able to find a graph with samples of your heart rate from all day long.

3.8 How to activate notifications?

Activate notifications from APP > settings > CW700HR > Notifications

⚠ To receive notifications, you must accept access of the APP to the operating system of your smartphone.
- For iOS: phone settings > Decathlon Connect > Notifications > authorize notifications
- For Android: you have to disable the battery optimization in your phone settings

For more information, you can check this website that detail the process depending on your phone model: disable battery optimization 

3.9 How to define a daily target?

By default, the daily target is a number of steps. But you can change to distance, calories or walking time.
This function is available in the APP, in the configuration of the product.

3.10 Shortcut (settings) ?

You can have a quick access to some settings to activate or disable it:
- Continuous measurement of heart rate (useful at night not to be disturb by the green light on the back of the product).
- Automatic detection of wrist rotation.
- Night mode to disable notifications.
- Display brightness.

3.11 How to access the stopwatch or timer?

Stopwatch and timer are available in the menu.

3.12 Connection to third party app ?

You can synchronize your data to Strava, Polar, Garmin, Fitbit or Suunto using our hub:

3.13 How to set alarm ?

To set alarm, follow this video.

Kalenji CW700 HR

3.14 How to change the home screen ?

To change the home screen, follow the video.

Kalenji CW700 HR

3.15 How to reset product ?

To reset product, follow the video.

Kalenji CW700 HR

Data accuracy

4.1 Accuracy of step and distance measurement.

Our algorithm of step counting is based on wrist movement. The accuracy depends on your daily activity.

You will see differences with other step counting systems (phone, other smartwatch brands…) because each manufacturer chooses its own algorithm. Some erratic movements can impact accuracy:
- Step counting starts after 10 steps minimum. This is done in order to exclude erratic movements.
- Putting the hand on the pocket or hold a troller wil affect accuracy as well.
-Information like gender, age, height and weight are important for distance and calories accuracy
- The way you tighten the watch on the wrist also affect the accuracy. The tightest is it, the better accuracy will be.
- Other factors can impact things like ground, slopes, vibration of the car or train... 

4.2 Accuracy of sleep data.

As for step counting, the way you wear the product at night will impact accuracy. Please tighten the strap to ensure a good measurement.

4.3 Accuracy of heart rate monitor measurement.

We have tested the latest optical technologies to bring you the most reliable technology. Certain factors may nevertheless degrade the heart rate measurement, in particular the positioning of the watch on the wrist.

Your watch should fit properly, above the wrist bone, while still being comfortable. If the tightening is too loose, then the watch will not be able to measure the signal correctly. See the section "How do I position my watch correctly on my wrist?"

Find other factors that can degrade the measurement in the "DIFFICULTIES OF USE" section.

4.3 Précision de la mesure cardiofréquencemètre.


5.1 Connection to third party app.

You can synchronize your data to Strava, Polar, Garmin, Fitbit or Suunto using our hub:

5.2 Autonomy.

7 days in daily use (even more depending on your use).
⚠ temperature close to 0° may affect autonomy.

5.3 Memory.

Product will record your data for several days but if you want to avoid to long transfer time, we suggest you to synchronize your device to the APP as often as possible.

5.4 Step accuracy.

Accuracy depends on your wrist movement and can affect accuracy: tremble, car vibration, cooking, playing guitar, etc…

5.5 Waterproofness.

The product is designed to resist water immersion (take shower) swimming but not diving under more than 1m deep.
Standard validated is IPx6

Kalenji CW700 HR

Cleaning and care

Please clean your product with water and soap to remove salt, perspiration, etc… as it may alterate the quality of strap.

IMPORTANT: Keep clear from danger. You should keep the device clear from:
- Magnet
- Solar exposure
- Chemicals
- Children


Here you will find the troubleshooting sheet for the CW700 HR watch.
By following the steps in this sheet, you can check if there is a possible problem with your product. If necessary, you will find in the following section (8. I REPAIR) the tutorials indicated for the repair. You can also come to the workshops of your DECATHLON store.

Link to download the watch troubleshooting sheet (coming soon).

I repair my product

The following repairs can be carried out on this product:

Watch strap replacement.

The strap of your watch can be disassembled without tools by pulling the trigger on the pin of the strap.

To reassemble the bracelet, place the pin in the hole of the watch, pull the trigger then place the bracelet between the two lugs of the watch. Release the trigger and move the bracelet slightly to make sure the trigger is secure.

Changement de bracelet
Reset product.

To reset product, follow the video.

Kalenji CW700 HR

Spare parts

Here is the spare parts list for the CW700 HR:

- USB charging cable.
Reference: 8733086

- Bracelet.
References: 8733085 (black), 8733083 (Pink).

You can order spare parts on our site (depending on availability) by clicking on one of the buttons below or contact the after-sales team at your usual DECATHLON store.

Kalenji CW700 HR
Kalenji CW700 HR

Usb charging cable

Reference : 8733086

9. pièces detachées

Black strap

References : 8733085

9. pièces detachées

Pink strap

References : 8733083

Workshop services

You want to entrust us with your product for repair. Here is the list of services offered by our workshops:


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Declaration of conformity

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