Connected Wristband Kalenji ONcoach 900

Ref: 8485288, 8485289

ONcoach 900

The ONcoach 900 connects to your phone using the DECATHLON CONNECT application.

To discover and download DECATHLON CONNECT, click here.

Note : The phone notifications feature on the ONcoach 900 is only available with an Iphone.


How does the touchscreen work?
How to calibrate ONcoach 900?
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The number of steps in "my day" seems low. Is this normal?
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How to calibrate ONcoach 900?
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How to modify a session?
Must I keep my phone and my watch connected at the same time?
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How to connect to Oncoach 900 for the first time?


How to reset my ONcoach 900 ?
What does the term "Active time" mean?
What should I do if the screen freezes?
How to enable/disable the notifications?
How to change the display of ONcoach 900?
How to disable the backlighting of the screen?
Can I switch off Oncoach 900?
My product does update, what can I do ?
My product does not switch on when I charge it, what can I do ? 


it is recommended to rinse your watch with clear or slightly soapy water because sweat, chlorine or salt water can deteriorate materials such as that of the bracelet over time
Then, using a cloth, wipe and dry the watch.

Avoid certain exposures:
- Has a magnet because the watch contains a magnetometer which could be damaged
- In the sun because prolonged exposure to the sun can have various repercussions, such as the loss of colors or the degradation of the battery and its lifespan.
- Chemical products because they are aggressive (household products, cosmetics, etc.)
- To children: the product contains a battery which can be fatal if swallowed.


Here you will find the troubleshooting sheet for tyour product.
By following the steps in this sheet, you can check if there is a possible problem. If necessary, you will find in the "I REPAIR" section the tutorials indicated for the repair. You can also come to the workshops of your DECATHLON store.

Link to download the watch troubleshooting sheet (coming soon).


On this product, it is possible to carry out the following repairs:

App update
End of product life


On this product there are no spare parts.


You want to entrust us with your product for repair. Here is the list of services offered by our workshops: