Newfeel Scale 700

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Our designers have developed this scale to monitor the evolution of your weight, fat, muscle, bone and water mass from your smartphone.

IMPORTANT : My Geonaute Connect app has now been replaced by DECATHLON CONNECT.

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Connection or synchronization problem with your scale?

If you have a connection or synchronization problem with your scale, follow these instructions:

1- Check the battery of your scale. Replace if necessary.

2- RESET the scale by following the video.

3- For good use, place the scale on "hard" and perfectly flat ground.

4- Charge your phone to more than 50% (below 50%, the phone may deactivate some necessary features).

5- Check that the phone has all the latest updates (Application, OS, System, etc.).

6- Uninstall the My geonaute Connect application or DECATHLON CONNECT App from your phone (in order to empty the cache memory).

7- Switch off then switch on the phone again.

8- Activate bluetooth on the phone.

9- Check that the phone is properly connected to an internet network (4G or WIFI).

10- Install the My Geonaute Connect application.

11- Launch the application, log into your account and add the scale as a new product (following the steps on the screen).

12- Check that the location and storage settings on the phone are activated for the application.

13- If possible depending on the phone model, prevent the application from going into standby mode (see authorizations). Also deactivate the energy saving function for the app.

if after these checks, the problem remains, contact our support team by clicking on the blue button "access the form" at the bottom of the page.


First use

What are the safety precautions for using the scale 700 impedance analysis scales?

For an accurate measurement, it is important to follow the advice below:- Place the scales on a hard, flat surface. Soft surfaces, such as carpet, may affect the measurements.- Avoid moving the scales between measurements.- If you have to move the scales before a measurement, wait for the scales to display"0.0" before you step on- Use the scales barefoot- Place your feet on the electrodes, centre your body and stay still while the measurement is taken

What are the best conditions for weighing yourself with impedance analysis scales?

To make sure that measurements are as relevant as possible, it is best to weigh yourself:- at the same time of day each time- on an empty stomach- with an empty bladderIt is not advisable to drink diuretic drinks such as alcoholic drinks or coffee before weighing yourself.It is also not advisable to weigh yourself after intense exercise. Your glycogen (and therefore hydration) levels will be greatly reduced which will distort the measurement.It is also very important to not repeat measurements several times during the day, these values are not comparable.

How many times a month should i weigh myself?

As with weight, body parameters such as body fat or muscle mass change slowly. It is not necessary to weigh yourself every day. One measurement a week is sufficient.

How do my bioelectrical impedance analysis scales measure my body composition?

Bioelectrical impedance or bioimpedance analysis works using a weak current that is sent through your body with electrodes from one foot to the other at different frequencies. The time it takes for these signals to pass through your body depends on the tissue that they encounter along the way. Adipose tissue (body fat) does not conduct, so it slows down some of these signals. The different signal speeds measured by your scales are then used to calculate your body composition in detail using different algorithms.

How do i use my connected scales with several users?

Each user must have a myGeonaute account to be able to synchronise their measurements on their phone. To receive your measurements, make sure that you are connected to your account in the app.

What is the difference between the"standard" profile and the"sports" profile?

The"sports" mode enables the calculation algorithms of your scales to be adapted to people exercising intensively. We consider exercise to be intensive from 12 hours of practice a week.


Software and applications

My scales display"p1p2" after my weight measurement, what does this mean?

Your scales can automatically recognise up to 8 users. This recognition is based on weight. If 2 users have similar weights, the scales will ask you to select your profile manually. When the profile selection sign appears, select your profile with the left or right button.

Do i have to use my phone every time i weigh myself?

Your scales store all of your measurements in its memory, it is therefore not necessary to use your smartphone for every measurement. Your smartphone is required when you want to transfer your measurements to your smartphone.



How accurate are my impedance analysis scales?

There is currently no 100% reliable solution for measuring an individual’s body composition. All body composition measurement solutions, even the most professional ones, are approximate.
Furthermore, all impedance analysis scales have their own calculation algorithms and their own benchmarks, it is therefore important to refer to the value correspondence table in the instruction manual.
We therefore recommend that you focus on monitoring changes in body composition parameters rather than the gross value.

What is muscle mass?

Muscle mass represents all cells that make up the muscles of the body. In the case of an intensive dietary or workout plan, make sure you have a varied and balanced diet to maintain your muscle mass.

What does basal metabolic rate (or basal metabolism) mean?

Your basal metabolic rate is the energy required by your body to keep it functioning properly. The greater the muscle mass, the higher the basal metabolic rate. By adding the energy used in your sporting activities, we can find your total daily energy expenditure.

What is the body mass index (bmi)?

Body mass index (BMI) is a simple weight to height ratio that is commonly used to assess whether an adult is overweight or obese. It corresponds to the person’s weight divided by their height squared, expressed in kg/m2.

What is body fat?

Body fat includes all of the fatty mass within your body.
It is essential for the healthy functioning of the body. It is an energy reserve which is mainly used by the body during extended periods of low to moderate-intensity activity.


Another question?

I have an implanted medical device, can i use impedance analysis scales?

Using impedance analysis scales is not recommended for people with pacemakers or any other type of implanted medical device. In case of doubt, ask your doctor for advice.

What is the benefit of knowing your level of body fat?

Weight alone is not sufficient to determine your overall condition. With impedance analysis scales you can assess what proportion of your weight comes from body fat or muscle mass. Furthermore, these parameters do not change in the same way when you are physically active. For example, weight gain when taking up sports again may simply be due to the fact that your body is toning up again.

How do i pair my scales with my mygeonaute account?

To pair your scales with your myGeonaute account follow the tips in the following video:

My scale 700 does not detect my profile why ?

Between two weighings distant in time, if my weight has varied, it is possible that the scale 700 does not recognize my usual profile and does not synchronize the data anymore.


Here is the procedure to perform to re-detect the profile:

- Press the SET button on the scale.

- Select profile number used for synchronizations (left or right arrow button then confirm with SET).

- Select the gender (male or female).

- Select the size in "cm".

- Select the age.

- Confirm with the SET button.


The scale 700  is again perfectly functional.

How to reset my scale 700 ?

To RESET, follow the instructions in the video.


Spare parts

Here is the spare parts list for the Scale 700 scale:

Reference: 8289839

Reference: 8659173

You can order spare parts on our decathlon.co.uk site (depending on availability) by clicking on one of the buttons below or contact the after-sales team at your usual DECATHLON store.

Scale 700
Scale 700

Pack of four aa alkaline batteries

Reference: 8289839


700Mah aaa/hr3 rechargeable batteries 5+1

Reference: 8659173


Workshop services

You want to entrust us with your product for repair. Here is the list of services offered by our workshops:

(No workshop service for the scale 700, changing the batteries is easily done by the user).


Used resale

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User guides

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Scale 700

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