Connected Wristband Kalenji ONcoach 900

ONcoach 900

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Note: The phone notifications feature on the ONcoach 900 is only available with an Iphone.


How does the touchscreen work?

The product has a touchscreen with 2 zones: a zone above the screen can be used to browse up and down and a press button as well as a touchscreen button symbolised by a line below the screen can be used to click.

Is ONcoach 900 waterproof?

The ONcoach 900 is waterproof at 5 ATM.

This means that you can take your shower or bath while wearing the product.

You can also swim, but diving may make the product unusable.

How can I see that I have attained my daily objective regarding the number of steps?
ONcoach 900 Objective

You can also set an objective in terms of the daily number of steps in order to measure your daily activities.

Once set in the APP, you simply start walking. As soon as the objective is attained, you will receive an alert with a vibration and the following message appears:

How to change the wristband?
ONcoach 900 Wristband

Two sizes of wristband are provided with the watch.
You can change them without the need for tools so that you can have the one that suits you best.
To do this, pull the metal tab and pull on the wristband.
Then remove the metal tab and put it back in the other wristband. Finally put the wristband back in the casing of the watch starting at the opposite side from the metal tab and pull the tab to insert the wristband into its housing.

How does the automatic activity detection mode work?

In the settings of the product, you have the option to switch on the automatic activity detection mode for walking, running and cycling.

Your cycling and running (not walking) activities will then feed information to the app when you next synchronise it, just as if you were manually triggering an activity in "activity" mode.

IMPORTANT: Other activities may be detected and equated to cycling, walking or running. For example, pushing a pushchair or shopping trolley may be detected and registered as a cycling activity. If this should happen, press the touchscreen button below the screen to cancel it.

How to save a session?

When you have finished a session, save it by simply pressing the button on the side of the product followed by the touchscreen button.

You will then be asked to save (YES) or return to the activity in order to continue (NO).

When you have selected YES or NO, press the button on the side of the product to confirm your choice

How to reset the stopwatch to "0"?

To reset the stopwatch to "0", press and hold the side button for 5 seconds.

What is the speed displayed during my activity?

The speed display during an activity is the speed in real-time.

The speed displayed in the summary screens is the average speed of the activity.

How to select the wrist on which I am wearing my ONcoach 900?

In the adjustments of the APP and the product, you must indicate on which arm you are wearing the product. This is then used to give reliable readings. This information does not concern whether you are right-handed or left-handed. Rather, it is about the wrist of which you wear the product. Entering incorrect information will affect the accuracy of the step, distance and speed measurements.


How to modify a session?

You can modify a session by clicking the session followed by the pen at the top right. Then edit the name, session, sport, date or time.

Must I keep my phone and my watch connected at the same time?

No, you can disconnect your Bluetooth if you want.

To synchronise your data, just switch the Bluetooth back on and open the DECATHLON Connect app.

How to update ONcoach 900?

The product can be updated using the DECATHLON Connect app.
The app will ask you if you want to update the product. Click on it and you will then see 2 arrows displayed on the product's screen. This means that the product is updating. This can take between 5 and 10 minutes.
When it has finished, the product returns to time mode.

Leave your product next to your phone and make sure that the product and phone have enough battery life.
If a problem should occur (e.g. the product remains in update mode with the 2 arrows), try starting a new update by going to the settings in the app and clicking the product. An "update available" message appears. Click on it and confirm.

How to recover the data of ONcoach 900 in the app?

To recover your data when you start the app, swipe the screen downwards to start the synchronisation.

Can I delete a session?

If you wish to delete a session, go to the sessions menu and swipe the session concerned to the left. A delete button appears. Simply click this button to delete.

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How to connect to Oncoach 900 for the first time?

When connecting for the first time, you must connect your product to your phone. This is done using the "connectivity" function on the product and on the app. Once the operation has been started, a 6-figure code is generated on the product. You then need to enter this code in the app. There are two ways of entering the code depending on your phone model: - A window appears directly in the APP (most common case). - A notification appears in your notification centre. You then need to swipe it downwards to view the notification and click on it.


Why is the accuracy not the same for the walking and running sessions?

The walking and running algorithms are different. If you practise both activities, they need to be calibrated separately.

What type of walking should I practice with ONcoach 900?

You can practise fitness walking from 4 to 10km/h. PLEASE NOTE: the readings provided by ONcoach are less accurate for Nordic walking (walking with poles). 

How to calibrate ONcoach 900?

Calibrating the product involves manually entering the actual distance of the activity you have completed (over an accurately measured distance). If the accuracy does not attain 95%, you can calibrate it in the following 2 ways: - At the end of activity, in the recap, you can open the calibration screen (scroll through the screens) and enter the actual distance of your activity. - In the settings of the product, you can open the calibration menu and calibrate the distance of your latest activity. IMPORTANT:  If you are doing an activity at a given speed (e.g. 6km/h), followed by another activity at a significantly different speed (e.g. 8 or 10km/h), we recommend that you recalibrate your product because the algorithms do not adapt to the speeds. If this is the case, complete 1km at the required speed, calibrate your product and start your activity. Please note: if you are trying to calibrate your product when the accuracy of the readings is greater than 95%, the calibration will not be taken into consideration.

What is the accuracy of ONcoach 900?

The number of steps, distance and speed are calculated using an accelerometer (electronic component). The algorithms that we have developed attain an accuracy in the order of 95%, i.e. for a 10km activity, the distance measured by the product will be between 9.5km and 10.5km. These algorithms are reliable for 80% of users. So, it is possible that you have an accuracy of less than 95%. If this is the case, you can calibrate the product to improve the reliability of the distance and speed data. For fast walking (speed in the order of 7 km/h or more), the algorithm is more accurate when the walker keeps their arms bent at right angles.

The number of steps in "my day" seems low. Is this normal?

The step counting function only starts after 16 consecutive steps. This is to exclude the short one-off movements you make during the day so that the only the actual walking movements are measured. Moving your hand inside your pocket can also result in a low reading of the number of steps.

How to improve the accuracy of ONcoach 900?

To improve the accuracy of the speed and distance readings, we recommend that you calibrate ONcoach 900. Without calibration, depending on your walking technique, the accuracy will vary between 70% and 93%. With calibration, the accuracy increases significantly to attain 93% on average.

Why is the number of steps of my everyday activity inaccurate?

During your everyday activity, certain events can create inaccuracies in the reading. For example, if you are walking while looking at your phone or holding the strap of your backpack, this can hinder the detection of your steps leading to a low reading of the number of steps.

Why does ONcoach 900 not count my steps correctly?

The wrist must be correctly configured to count the steps. Make sure that it is properly configured: Right or left (according to the wrist of which you are wearing your ONcoach 900).

My ONcoach 900 records data if place it on a table, is this normal?

If I place my product on the table, it continues to record data (assimilated to sleep).

If necessary, I can turn it off from the "Setup" section and then "Power off".

Is it possible to use my Oncoach 900 with crutches?

With crutches, the measurement of steps is very imprecise.

Is it possible to use my Oncoach 900 with training bike?

With training bike, the measurement of steps is very imprecise.


What is the battery life of the ONcoach 900?

The ONcoach 900 has a battery life of 1 week.
The product must be charged for 2 hours 30 minutes for the battery to be fully charged

How to view the battery charge?

When on the time display, press the screen once.

The percentage battery charge will appear at the bottom of the screen.


How to reset my ONcoach 900 ?

To reset your product, follow this procedure:

IMPORTANT: Reset removes all data in the product.

1- Press the side button.

2- Select the "setting" menu.

3- Hold down the side button until "TEST MODE" appears.

4- Press the side button.

5- Wait until "TEST FAIL" appears.

6- Press the front button and wait for the product "turn off".

What does the term "Active time" mean?

This is an activity time of more than 10 consecutive minutes based on the recommendations of the WHO (World Health Organisation)

What should I do if the screen freezes?

If you have a problem with your screen, feel free to contact us:

- by clicking the link below "Access the form" from web browser.

- by clicking the link "Contact us" from app DECATHLON Connect.

How to enable/disable the notifications?

You can receive notifications from your phone on your product.
You simply have to enable the notifications you want to receive in the settings of the DECATHLON Connect app. Click your product followed by phone notifications and enable/disable the notifications according to your preferences

How to change the display of ONcoach 900?

The time display can be changed by:
- Going to the settings of the DECATHLON Connect app
- Clicking the product followed by the "watch face". You will then be able to choose between 3 displays

How to disable the backlighting of the screen?

You can disable the backlighting of the screen to avoid being disturbed during the night. This is done by going to the "settings" menu followed by the "silence" option. Then press the screen to display a solid "crescent moon" followed by the side button to confirm. The backlighting disabled.

Can I switch off Oncoach 900?

In order to save battery life, you can switch off the product in the "settings" section, followed by "switch off" menu.

My product does update, what can I do ?

If firmware update does not works and product does not respond anymore, you can plug the product to the charger dock and try again to update through the Decathlon Connect APP. 

My product does not switch on when I charge it, what can I do ? 

If the battery has been discharged for a while, it is necessary to let it charge for few minutes before to be able to switch it on.

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