maintaining sup boards

Using and maintaining the itiwit allround inflatable sup boards

Here are our tips for using, maintaining, repairing, and making last the Itiwit 100 8'9 green, 9'8 orange, and 10'7 blue inflatable stand up paddles.

The Itiwit Allround inflatable stand-up paddle boards are very easy to inflate and use. Here are a few tips on how to use and take care of them, so that they last for a very long time.

Using and folding the stand-up paddle boards

t takes about 8 minutes to inflate these stand-up paddle boards, and not even 3 minutes to fold them up. If you have opted for a collapsible paddle, then you can stow it in the bag with the pump and the board, as shown in the video opposite.


Straightening the fin rail

The fin rail is made of semi-rigid material so that it can be folded easily. However, in hot weather, the rail can become slightly deformed, making it more difficult to slide in the fin without pushing hard. To straighten the fin rail, heat it up with a hair drier or by leaving it in the sun, open up the lips of the rail so that the fin can be inserted easily, then leave it to cool down, as shown in the video.


Replacing the valve

When the valve is loose, it makes a slight whistling noise after you have inflated your stand-up paddle board. Tighten it with the spanner provided in the bag. If the leak continues, then the valve is damaged. You need to replace it. DEFLATE YOUR PADDLE BOARD, unscrew the valve, taking care not to lose the female part inside the board, and screw in a new male part. Inflate the board to make sure that the valve no longer leaks. NEVER PUT YOUR HEAD ABOVE THE VALVE WHEN THE PADDLE BOARD IS INFLATED.


Repairing punctures

Our inflatable stand-up paddle boards are made of very tough material that can only be damaged by sharp objects, such as oyster shells. If your board is punctured, take the repair kit and follow the procedure opposite.

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