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Designed for slimming your figure with the help of training programmes (occasional use).


Thank you for choosing a DOMYOS product and for placing your trust in us. If you want to know how assembly your elliptical bike, click on the vidéo.

I have a problem

Your equipment is properly assemblied but you're having some difficulties during its use? Discover all of our solutions here.

My console doesn't come on

Your bike works with batteries:

Check that the batteries are properly positioned with the correct +/- polarity. If the problem persists, start again with new batteries

The console displays speed and distance with the wrong unit (km/mi)

Calibration problem:

1. Check that the switch at the back of the console is in the position MI for miles and KM for kilometres

2. Press RESET to validate

My bike makes a noise

1. Tighten all visible screws

2. Check the stabiliser runners

I have a problem with the resistance

Unscrew the handlebar bracket tube and check that the cable connection has been made correctly.

Make sure the black shim on the lower part of the cable has been removed.

There's a clicking noise with each turn of the pedals

Loosen by one turn and then really tighten the pedal screws.

The moving handlebars are coming apart at the axle

Broken or missing part

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I have a code e2 or e3 on my display
Problem with e-connected  

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I maintain my product 

It takes care of you, so why don't you? A regular maintenance is necessary to preserve the performances of your apparatus and prolong its life, find here all our advices of maintenance.

  • Care instructions 

    Regularly check that screws and bolts are properly tightened; wipe any perspiration off your product after each training session; dust regularly with a soft cloth.

  • Stock advice

    Do not leave in a damp place; do not store outdoors.

  • Restricted use :

    Max. user weight: 150 kg.
    For home use only.


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Our engagements

DOMYOS guarantees this product under normal use conditions, 5 years for the structure, 2 for other parts and labour as from date of purchase, as shown on receipt.