With ONconnect, you can download your datas from the ONmove 120, 200, 220, 500 HRM, 510 and 710 GPS watches, from the Swim Music players and the Satcount GPS bike computer.

For ONmove 200, 220, 500 HRM GPS watches, you can also use the DECATHLON CONNECT mobile phone application (Bluetooth connection).

Version 3.301

This version now allows you to export on your computer your activities in GPX format (if GPS track) or TCX (without GPS track) so you can use them in the application of your choice (DECATHLON COACH, Strava, ... ).

How to save my activities on my computer?
How to import my activities into decathloncoach.com?
How to import a route into my ONmove 710/510 GPS, Satcount Cyclometer?
Error message "damaged file" at the launch of ONconnect 3.300 (Apple MacOS).

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