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A COACH IN YOUR HAND! Do you have a goal? We have a plan!Using the free Decathlon Coach app, let our audio coach guide you and measure your activity.You can then look at the details of your sessions and be proud of your progress!~YOUR SESSIONS ON THE WEBSITE On, consult the statistics and history of your activity and analyse them at your leisure.


Decathlon coach - kézako?

With DECATHLON COACH, you will be able to monitor the regularity of your sports activity, weight and muscle mass on a weekly and monthly basis. Check out all our advice for improving or even following a free training course created by professional coaches.


The team's message

The entire team welcomes you and thanks you for placing your trust in them! You'll see, we'll have a lot of fun!

We designed DECATHLON COACH because we believe that reviewing one's achievements and progress, sharing information with friends and having the option to follow real training courses tailored to your objective, can be a real source of motivation and enjoyment for all beginner and seasoned sportsmen and women.

We hope that our service gives you full satisfaction. We are continuing to develop it every day to make DECATHLON COACH not only the most powerful analysis and coaching service but also the most enjoyable.

We are developing improvements that take into consideration your comments. Therefore, feel free to notify us of your needs and ideas by sending an email to [email protected]. I read all your messages and reply to them as soon as possible.

On behalf of the whole team, I would like to wish you some great sporting moments!

Let's go! Follow the Coach!


Who is behind the DECATHLON COACH?

not only keen sportsmen and women and specialists, but also ordinary people who are less active, all of whom have the same objective: helping you to have fun and supporting you in your sporting activity! :)

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How to manually add a weight using the mobile app?

In the Decathlon Coach app, you can manually add a weight. Each step is set out in the following video

How can i change my password?

1. If you wish to edit your password, go to the homepage of and click the login button.

2. When you have logged in, click your first name (1) on the top right and click "My account" (2)

3. On the "My account" page, go to the bottom of the page (1) (using the scroll wheel of your mouse or the vertical bar on the right hand side of your screen).

You can then change your current password by entering your new password. (2)

4. Don't forget to save the changes made. See you soon at (3)



Decathlon Coach - The service
How to delete my decathlon coach account?


You can ask for your account to be deleted. To do this, send an email request to the Geonaute support team: [email protected]

The team will then explain the procedure. 

PLEASE NOTE: The procedure is permanent and all your sports history will be deleted. You will not be able to access this data in the future.

I have forgotten my password

If you have forgotten your password, go to the homepage of and click the login button. Enter your username and click next. Click the "forgotten password" button and follow the instructions.

Session & coaching

What should i do if i can't find my session?

You have completed a session and are unable to return to it?This is the way -->

Share my session

If you are pleased with your efforts and would like to share your sessions with your friends, you can share them on Facebook and Twitter or by email. At the end of your session, you can use the icon at the top right of your summary to share your achievements with whoever you want!

How can i find my session's start time?

If you want to find the time of a session, just go to the "My Sessions" tab on the website. You can then find the time of a session under the title of your session beside the date (1). IMPORTANT: In case of a session that you have added manually, there are 2 options: - Either add a session for the same day, in which case the time of the session will be the time at which the session is added. - Or add a session for a date in the past, in which case the time of the session will be 12:00 noon by default. To finish, it is not currently possible to edit the time of a session.

Interval training: follow an exercise and create a session

Interval training is a type of exercise that involves alternating between fast phases and recovery phases in order to improve your speed and endurance. To follow an exercise and create your own session, go to -->

What do the coloured heart rate zones mean?

If you have a heart rate monitor, you will see the effort zones. blue: warm-up Green: Basic endurance Yellow: Active endurance Orange: Endurance Red: Long endurance ...

Transfer my data to another website (in .gpx format)

For the sessions with a GPS route, gives you the option to export your sessions in a standard GPX format that is compatible with most of the GPS activity and analysis sharing sites. Click here -->

Edit session details

You can edit the information of a session (sport, session title, session date, etc.) To do this, just log in to the site and select the activity you want to edit by clicking it in the "Homepage" tab (1) or the "My sessions" tab (2). You can then click the "pencil" (3) to the right of the title of your session to edit the information of the selected session. You can then start to edit the sport if you want, go to the bottom of the page (4) and click "Next ->" (5) to edit the information of the session (title, date, duration, etc.) Once you have completed the modifications, go to the bottom of the page (6) and click "Save and quit" (7).

Decathlon Coach - The service
The elevation gain displayed on decathlon coach is different from the elevation gain displayed on my product.

This is normal. Decathloncoach recalculates the elevation gain using your GPS route combined with the mapping database. This generates a result that is more accurate than that of your product. We made this choice because although GPS technology provides an accurate measure of longitude and attitude, it is not provide accurate altitude measurements. It is therefore better to work out the attitude at each point using the longitude and latitude data combined with a mapping database that gives us the attitude.

Starting a training course

Find all our training courses as well as our unique sessions on the mobile app: Coaching --> Running/Walking --> training plan / training sessions --> objective

Exporting my sessions in excel

Because we may sometimes want to save our sessions in .xls format to create our own graphs and reports on our results.

Manually adding a session

To manually add a session, go to the website and log in. When you have logged in, click the "Add a session" (1) button on the homepage followed by "Manually add a session" (2). Then select the sport that will be associated with the session. Once you have selected the sport, you can enter the different elements of data regarding your session (title of the session, date of the session, duration, etc.) Don't forget to click "Confirm" at the bottom of the page to save your session!

Decathlon Coach - The service
The measured distance is incorrect.

How does your GPS work?And why is the signal sometimes weak or not available?Why is the measured distance incorrect?

Analysis and statistics

Analysing your graphs to understand where you need to improve

The speed graph is shown in Blue.The thin horizontal line represents your average speedThe heart rate graph changes colour according to which effort zone you are in...

Compare 2 sessions to see your progress.

How to position 2 sessions to see my progressAnd how to interpret my progress

How are the on points calculated?

The ON points are calculated according to the calories burnt.Whether it is a matter of weight, height, gender or sports activity, every session is different.So that everyone is on a level playing field, the ON points are there to give you an idea of your rank in relation to your friends...

Analysing your progress and regularity on a monthly basis.

You can access your sessions using the statistics screen.Compare your sports activity and follow your progress on a yearly, monthly or weekly basis.


I want to keep my screen switched on while running

Click the menu (vertical bars at the top left of your screen) followed by SETTINGS.In PREFERENCES, select "BACKLIGHTING OF THE SCREEN" and enable or disable the function.

Bluetooth smart compatibility
The audio feedback settings

In the DecathlonCoach app, you can receive audio feedback during your sports sessions.Here is a video that explains how to set the audio feedback you need:

Enable/disable auto-pause

In the DecathlonCoach app, there is a function known as "auto-pause".Once enabled, this automatically pauses your session if your speed falls below a certain threshold. In this case, the app considers that you have "stopped".When your speed goes above the minimum threshold, the app restarts as before.Here is a video that explains how to activate the auto-pause function: 

Decathlon Coach - The service

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