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BONISM B1 smart watch

CW500: instructions, repair

Cet appareil est conçu pour un usage sportif et récréatif. Il ne s’agit pas d’un appareil de surveillance médical. Les informations à propos de cet appareil ou contenu dans ce livret sont données à titre indicatif et ne doivent être utilisées que pour surveiller une pathologie une fois que vous avez consulté votre médecin et obtenu son accord. L’exercice peut comporter des risques. Consulter un médecin avant de faire de l’exercice. Le non-respect de ces précautions peut mettre la vie en danger.

BONISM B1 smart watch

Kalenji CW900HR GPS

This device is designed for sport and recreational use. It is not a medical surveillance device. The information about this device or contained in the booklet is provided for illustrative purposes and must only be used to monitor a condition once you have spoken to your doctor and obtained his or her approval. Exercise may entail risks. See a doctor before doing exercise. Disregarding these precautions may endanger your life. The KIPRUN CW900HR GPS connects to your telephone through the DECATHLON CONNECT application. To discover and download DECATHLON CONNECT, click here.

BONISM B1 smart watch

BONISM ID205G smart watch

NOTE: On sale at the end of the year 2021


Kalenji CW700 HR

This smartwatch is designed to practice sport and measure daily activity. It is not a medical device. All information provided by the device and the APP are just an indication and should not be used for health care. Physical activity may be risky and you should get confirmation for your doctor prior to exercising. Not respecting those warnings could put your life in danger.

Onwalk 100

ONwalk One

Our designers developed this pedometer to measure your steps and distance during fitness, Nordic and daily walking on flat ground. This pedometer measures your steps and the distance covered whatever its position: on the belt, in your pocket or in your bag.